Your Own Music Therapy with Joe Vitale’s Healing Music

The profession of music therapy is a goal-oriented procedure that tackles individual needs for improvement. Healing Music allows you to provide your own music therapy, at home.

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles, CA 1-8-2012 (JoeDolanPR) A self-assessment of personal wants in your life may often revolve around finding ways to reduce stress, relax and improve focus. These are common desires for anyone who spends hours in the day working, commuting and simply dealing with life’s daily stress. Using the power of healing music to achieve these goals is a tradition that music therapists have implemented for thousands of years, and with Vitale’s healing music, it is a therapy you can apply yourself, in the privacy of your own home.

Self-help singer-songwriter Joe Vitale has long known the benefits of music to improve upon daily living. His catalog of self-help books has featured key elements and procedures to create a life of better health, increased wealth, clear focus and a pain-free existence. Researching how music affects the body and mind has led to the creation of Joe Vitale’s Healing Music. It is music written explicitly to increase the flow of positive energy that triggers the mind and body to function naturally, improve performance and reduce pain and to allow the body to heal.

The Center for Music Therapy states, “Music therapy works essentially because of the way music stimulates the entire brain. In additional to this stimulation, healing music also touches people emotionally, making it an ideal approach to both physical and emotional healing.”

Modern medicine has proven music’s effects to improve communication skills, motor function and coordination and to help modify behavior that is affected by emotional needs for outward expression. It has a power to stimulate the brain like no other application can, including the use of medicine. Everyone is moved, in one way or another, by rhythms and harmony. You do not need to be a “musical person,” the human body is intrinsically musical.

The positive benefit in healing music comes from the science of writing rhythms and harmonies that are familiar to the human body. The heartbeat is a natural rhythm and is affected by outside influences as simple as a traffic jam or a long line at a cash register. When frustration strikes, muscles get tense, the heart rate increases and breathing gets faster. All of this creates stress that the body takes hours longer to relieve than the seconds it takes to create. Once you’re through the traffic jam, you may find erratic driving behavior and even a clouded mental focus while just trying to get home and make up that lost time on the road. If you avoid an accident, you still can’t avoid walking in the house with a furrowed brow and a temper. Blowing off that steam can mean an argument or rash action that brings on an entirely new set of negative occurrences. Healing music offers the same power to affect the body, but it creates the exact opposite effect of a stressful situation like this.

Dr. Julian Lai, Professor at Hong Kong CityU Institute shares, “Since the times of Plato, artists and scientists alike have been intrigued by the power of music to elicit strong emotional responses in humans. Research shows that listening to music improves people’s mood, decreasing negative emotional states such as anxiety and stress and is a useful tool in providing long-term health benefits.”

Utilizing the scientific research that proves patterns in music, tempos and harmonies trigger mental, physical and emotional responses in the body, Joe Vitale writes and records music that literally speaks to our ability to heal pain and stress. Vitale’s catalog of healing music features four complete CDs currently and a fifth is in the works. Taking a short break from daily activity and closing your eyes to even a half hour of healing music can unwind the effects of outside influence and stress-causing environments. A listener, however, does not need to meditate, or even stop what they are doing to get the benefit of listening. During a drive, as background music during chores and activities in the home or for that extra uplifting support on the iPod at the gym, simply adding healing music to any activity can remove the hindrance that allows the body to function at its full potential. It’s a personal therapy session that can be applied at any time and in any place.

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