Monroestar, Custom Web Design Firm Brings Revolutionary Concepts of Style and Function

Monroestar, prominent internet marketing company well-known for their custom web designs recently celebrated the launch of several new client marketing initiatives. The company is proud to unveil a new online business hosted application which seems set to radically redefine easy eCommerce and site management.

Online PR News – 16-April-2010 – – CHICAGO, IL -- Chicago custom web design and marketing company Monroestar recently completed two projects for different clients within the Chicagoland area. First, the company was called upon to bring an artistic flair to the website of local J Brown Photography. Although the photographer has a beautiful eye for design, the former website just didn’t convey that sense to visitors. Monroestar was called in to completely overhaul the site design and integrate social media.

Monroestar responded by creating a website that features two different slideshows. The first is full-screen and appears on the homepage, presenting the work of J Brown Photography immediately to the visitor. Once the visitor navigates away from the homepage, he or she will see another slideshow designed for all the other pages within the site. To meet the client’s social networking needs, Monroestar created a link to a Facebook fan page and redesigned the client’s 3rd party blog.

The Renaissance Schools Fund has long been a Monroestar client. The web design company accepted the Fund’s latest challenge to create an informational brochure that would be distributed to parents throughout the city of Chicago. The brochure needed to show parents that they have a choice when picking schools for their child. It needed to educate about the benefits of charter schools, list the location of local charter schools, and guide parents through the application process.

We don’t stop working until our client is completely happy with the product.

After the design process was completed, Monroestar produced a full color brochure that was sent to thousands of parents throughout Chicago. It contained all the required components, helping bring the charter school experience to life through testimonials from charter school students and parents. In addition, it offered step-by-step advice for selecting a school and applying to a charter school. “There is simply no substitute for listening to a client and then taking care to go above and beyond the minimum that they request.” says Vinay Mullick of Monroestar. “We don’t stop working until our client is completely happy with the product.”

The internet marketing company seems to take the same approach with their own software development. Monroestar recently unveiled an exciting new content management system that does more than just help with updates. The new online business hosted application is a combination of many cutting-edge website development elements in one much easier to use interface.

At its heart, the new application is content management. It facilitates easy updating rather than the convoluted processes that some CMS requires. Moreover, it provides integrated management of contacts and email marketing in one central location, rather than scattered across multiple services. The application is also search engine friendly with built-in eCommerce capability to enable purchasing and payment in real-time.

This application also offers new features for backend users. It can provide SMS or email notifications the moment an order or other communication comes through the website, enabling instant feedback. In addition, the application helps the company see the results of their web presence by showing an executive insight summary on log-in.

These projects continue to show that Monroestar is riding the wave of growth that began almost a year ago. This company has proven itself creative and able to think outside the box, and all signs indicate that Chicago companies should continue to watch this dynamic web design and marketing firm in the years to come.

About Monroestar:
Monroestar is a top Chicago print and web design company. Specializing in unique web applications and custom web design (, Monroestar offers their talents to companies throughout Chicagoland and across the country.

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