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L’Hebdo, one of the publications of the Le Groupe Magazine, offers its readers updated news from all corners of Lebanon. The publication carries a detailed report of the latest developments in the country for its global audiences.

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Beyrouth – Lebanon, Syria – Lebanon has been the centre of global attention in recent months. The L’Hebdo magazine has contributed actively by providing the global audience with reliable and updated news on the latest developments in the politics of the country. The magazine has been the top source for actualite international for residents and global correspondents. The quality of articles, the detailed insight and the experienced voices speaking through the magazine have been at the forefront of the changes taking place in the country. The magazine offers insight into a varied range of topics from women’s development to the rapidly unraveling political scenario. It has seen a consistent rise in the circulation rates. Of late, the magazine has also been made available on the Internet.

The publication focuses on Actualite politique liban as one of its key elements. The political landscape of Lebanon has been rapidly changing over the last few years. The publication has played an active role in helping readers understand the scenario with regular political updates, insight on behind the scenes political issues and pictorial depictions. The magazine has been granted access to a number of high profile political events, according it a premier status in the Lebanese media industry.

Run by the reputed ‘Le Groupe Magazine’ the publication has carried forward the tradition of relevant, path breaking and interesting stories. The circulation of the magazine has consistently risen, pointing to a growing popularity among the population. The experienced and highly knowledgeable reporters in the staff ensure that every publication carries the real story of the Actualité Liban.

Sharing a high percentage of en couverture liban, the magazine has frequently placed emphasis on wide ranging aspects of the country’s development and future. The economy, culture, business and politics are some of the areas that have been emphasized and studied through incisive reporting in the magazine. L’Hebdo has also portrayed the growing plea for women’s liberation and rights through its articles.

The media plays a very important role in the development of any nation. L’Hebdo has strived to contribute to the changing political and social landscape of Lebanon through incisive, objective and precise reporting in its articles and stories. The magazine has recently joined the Internet in an attempt to reach out to a larger audience base, across the world. Readers can access the magazine and learn more about new articles through the website at