Laguna Pond Supply Announces Bonus Promotion on Laguna Max-Flo Pumps and Pond Supplies

Leading online water garden supply companyannounces special promotion on popular line of submersible pond pumps and other pond products

Online PR News – 08-January-2013 – Legal – Los Angeles, CA, January 07, 2013 -- Leading pond and water garden supply retailer, Laguna Pond Supply announces special bonus promotion on Laguna Max-Flo Pumps. “These quality pumps have are the perfect choice for any Koi pond or water garden,” says Daryl Sheets, Sales Associate for Laguna Pond Supply. “And thanks to a new, improved design these pumps are an even better value than ever before.”

Laguna Max-Flo Pumps are manufactured by Rolf C. Hagen Corporation, one of the world’s largest products of specialty products for use in outdoor fish ponds and backyard water features. Featuring Italian-made motors designed to ensure optimal energy savings, Max-Flo Pumps rank among the most popular submersible pumps among pond and water garden enthusiasts. “The Max-Flo line offers superior reliability and energy savings compared to other pumps on the market,” says Sheets. “We actually have these pumps installed on several of our in-store displays and they are still going strong after over four years of use.”

There are several models in the Max-Flo series of pumps designed to accommodate ponds and water gardens of various sizes. Available Max-Flo models currently offered by Laguna Pond Supply include the following:

- Max-Flo 600 – Model PT8232
- Max-Flo 960 – Model PT8236
- Max-Flo 1350 – Model PT8240
- Max-Flo 2000 – Model PT8244
- Max-Flo 2400 – Model PT8248
- Max-Flo 2900 – Model PT8252
- Max-Flo 4280 – Model PT8256

Max-Flo Pond Pumps are covered by a three year limited warranty. Thanks to their direct-buying relationship with the manufacturer, Laguna Pond Supply offers an exclusive four year extended warranty on all Max-Flo Pumps. “This extended warranty is our way of ensuring confidence in our customers and letting them know we stand behind these products wholeheartedly,” states Sheets. “Based on our experience, we are confidence these pumps will surpass our customer’s expectations and provide years of reliable use when properly installed.”

Submersible Max-Flo Pumps are also offered as part of Laguna ClearFlo Kits. These complete pond filtration kits also include a Laguna PressureFlo Filter, a pressurized filter system designed for use in planted water gardens and outdoor Koi ponds. “ClearFlo Kits are extremely popular for new pond owners,” says Sheets. “They include everything needed to provide clear and healthy water and are extremely easy to install.” The largest ClearFlo Kit available, the Laguna ClearFlo 3200 is designed for ponds and water gardens up to 3,200 gallons.”

Many pond owners also enjoy adding a fountain to their ponds. To help accommodate these customers, Max-Flo Pumps are also offered as part of Laguna PowerJet Kits. These complete pond fountain kits include a Max-Flo Pump and fountain with multiple heads in one package. “PowerJet Kits are a great value,” says Sheets. “These kits can be installed easily in a matter of minutes and create a beautiful addition to any backyard water feature.”

Pond winterization, the preparation of a pond for a long winter, is an issue familiar to many pond owners residing in colder climates. Laguna Power Heat de-icers, a popular line of floating pond de-icers were specially designed for this purpose. “A quality pond de-icer is an absolute must-have for any pond owner residing where water tends to freeze over during the coldest winter months,” states Sheets. “Power Heat De-Icers float along the water surface and keep a hole in the ice while preventing buildup of toxic gases beneath the ice.” Without a de-icer, many Koi and goldfish would succumb to illness and possible death due to deteriorating water quality.”

Laguna Pond Supply also offers the complete line of Laguna Air Pump Kits, which are designed to help provide much needed aeration for Koi and goldfish commonly kept in outdoor patio ponds and water gardens. “These quality aeration kits include everything needed to ensure optimal dissolved oxygen levels in Koi ponds,” says Sheets.” These popular pond aeration kits include an air pump, air tubing, and weighted air stones.

Ultraviolet clarifiers help to fight green water common to outdoor water features by eliminating free floating algae. “Laguna also produces a popular line of UV sterilizers,” states Sheets. “Laguna UV Sterilizers are extremely easy to install and integrate well with Max-Flo Pumps thanks to the included quick-connect unions.”

Laguna Pond Supply guarantees their everyday prices for Laguna pond products to be the lowest prices found anywhere on the Internet. “We also proudly offer free shipping on all Laguna orders within the contiguous USA,” says Sheets. “The vast majority of orders we receive ship same or next day.”

As part of this exclusive promotion, Laguna Pond Supply is also offering free bonus items with select Laguna products. Among these free bonus items are replacement UV lamps with the purchase of any Laguna ClearFlo or Laguna PressureFlo Filter, free Laguna Algae Remover with the purchase of any Max-Flo Pump, and free Laguna floating thermometer and Laguna fish treats with any Laguna UV or air pump kit. Laguna Pond Supply is committed to achieving one hundred percent customer satisfaction and takes pride in promoting the pond and water garden hobbies as sponsor vendors at various pond related events throughout the USA.

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