Free App Distributor Calls Out Obama For 2,000,000 Violent Home Burglaries And 3600 Murders

Crime is not a listed Policy interest on the President’s website Crime in America has vanished according to Obama. USDOJ statistics show 460+ murdered by home burglars annually that contradict Obama?

Online PR News – 09-January-2013 – Washington, DC – Carl Robinson, a spokesman for issued a statement that Cameras Stop Crime. 730+ residential occupants are surprised and violently bludgeoned, knifed or shot and injured or killed inside their own homes each year across the USA, according to crime reports gathered by the FBI and the USDOJ in a Special Report: 3.7+ million household burglaries occur each year on average. 10,000+ homes were broken into every day across the USA for money, identity theft, Jewelry, guns, family heirlooms, computers, cameras, etc. in an average year. In 2013 the trend of home burglaries and home burglary violence is rising.

"On President Obama’s web site there is no mention of crime in America anywhere. In the first four years Obama ignored home burglary violent assaults, maiming, rapes and murders. In the next four years the President is set to ignore the next 15,000,000+ home burglaries, the next One million violent home burglaries and the next 1800+ burglary murders projected in USDOJ Special Report," Robinson said.

"The news media is largely blind, deaf and dumb to the Obama administration failing to recognize the residential burglary war that in eight years of Obama is on a path to kill 3600+ and wound 2,000,000+. This is more than killed and wounded in the Afghanistan war," Robinson continued.

The solution to curtailing and preventing home burglary violence is the cell phone camera. ANDROID HOME SECURITY CAMERA APPs detect a burglar present and sends pictures or video direct to a persons’ personal cell phone within 30 seconds of a home burglar break-in, preventing deadly surprise confrontations and providing police the fastest information to intercept and arrest burglars. These home security apps are FREE.

Read the USDOJ Special Report: is home security developer and advocacy web business working to promote and secure better home security in the USA.

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