2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Industry Report Now Available on ReportsandReports

This report includes China Wind Turbine production and demand from 2009-2014; China Wind Turbine Production Supply Sales Demand marketing and technology (equipment) information.

Online PR News – 17-April-2010 – – Dallas, TX: ReportsandReports announce it Will Carry the 2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Industry Market Research Report in its Store.

2010 Deep Research Report on China Wind Turbine Industry was published by QYResearch Wind Energy Research Center on Mar 2010. It was a professional and depth research report on China Wind Turbine industry. In the report, the following information will be included:
- China Wind Turbine Production Supply Sales Demand marketing and technology (equipment) information;
- China Wind Turbine production and demand from 2009-2014;
- China Top 18 Wind Turbine manufacturers Wind Turbine Capacity Production Cost Average selling price Production Value Revenue Profit etc information;
- China Wind Turbine industry development trend and related conclusions;

Finally, we conduct a comprehensive summary of China Wind Turbine industry, including the past present and forecast the future, we also make a feasibility analysis of 1000sets/year Wind Turbine project ,we carry out an accurate calculation on investment cost, revenue, profitability, payback period. In a word, it was a depth research report on china Wind Turbine industry chain. And thanks to the China Wind Turbine marketing or technology experts help and support during QYResearch Wind Energy team survey and interviews.

Browse the complete Report on: http://www.reportsandreports.com/market-reports/2010-deep-research-report-on-china-wind-turbine-industry/

Table of Content:
Chapter One Wind Turbine Industry Background 1
1.1 The principle of wind power 1
1.2 The cost of wind power 1
1.3 Wind power generation policies and regulations 5
1.3.1 Global Wind power generation policies and regulations Overview 5
1.3.2 Governments Wind power support policies and measures 6
1.3.3 China Wind power policies and measures 11
1.4 Development of wind power 15
1.4.1 Global wind power development 15
1.4.2 China Wind Power Development Status 18
1.5 Wind power equipment industry problems and development direction 19
1.5.1 Wind power equipment industry problems 19
1.5.2 Wind power equipment industry development direction 21
1.6 Research on wind power grid 27
1.6.1 Wind power Grid-connected method 27
1.6.2 Impact of Wind power grid connected analysis 30
1.6.3 Wind power grid connected Economic Analysis 31
1.6.4 Analysis of technical requirements of wind power grid connected 34
1.6.5 Non-grid wind power development and feasibility analysis 39

Chapter Two Wind Turbine Industry Overview 45
2.1 Wind power equipment industry Chain overview 45
2.2 Wind Turbine Structure 51
2.3 Wind Turbine Classification 55

Chapter Three China Wind Turbine Productions Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 57
3.1 Wind Turbine Productions Overview 57
3.2 Wind Turbine Demand 60
3.3 Supply and Demand of China Wind Turbine 102
3.4 Cost Price Value Profit Margin of China Wind Turbine 103

Chapter Four China Wind Turbine Key Manufacturers 107
4.1 Sinovel(Beijing 1.5MW 3.0MW) 107
4.2 Goldwind(Xinjiang 750KW 1.5MW 2.5MW) 116
4.3 DEC(600875 1.5MW) 128
4.4 Guo dian United Power(Baoding Lianyungang) 135
4.5 Mingyang(Guangdong 1.5MW 3.0MW) 140
4.6 Vestas(Denmark Tianjin 2.0MW 850KW) 146
4.7 Hara XEMC Windpower CO.LTD(Hunan 2.0MW Direct-drive wind turbine) 157
4.8 GE Wind(USA Shenyang 1.5MW) 163
4.9 Suzlon(India Tianjin 1.25MW 1.5MW) 168
4.10 Gamesa(Spain Tianjin 850KW 2.0MW) 177
4.11 Windey(Zhejiang 750KW 800KW 1.5MW) 187
4.12 Shanghai Electric Wind Co.,Ltd(Shanghai 1.25MW 2.0MW) 197
4.13 China Creative wind energy(Shenyang 1.5MW) 203
4.14 CASC-Acciona(Jiangsu 1.5MW) 208
4.15 New Unite(Jiangsu 1.5MW 2.0MW) 216
4.16 Beijing Beizhong Steam Turbine Generator Co.,Ltd(Beijing 2.0MW) 221
4.17 Nordex(Germany Yinchuan 1.5MW) 226
4.18 Hewind(Zhejiang 600290) 235
4.19 Other Wind turbine Manufactures 239
4.19.1 Baoding Huide Wind Power Engineering Co., Ltd(Baoding) 239
4.19.2 CSIC Haizhuang Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd.,(Chongqing 2MW 850KW AERODYN) 240
4.19.3 Yinhe wind power(Guangxi Changzheng Electric) 241
4.19.4 Tianwei Baobian(Baoding 600550) 241
4.19.5 Shenyang Yuanda(Liaoning) 242
4.19.6 Sino steel(Xi’an) 244
4.19.7 Ningxia Yixing energy Co.,Ltd(Ningxia 000862) 247
4.19.8 Envision Energy(Jiangsu Denmark) 250
4.19.9 SANY 251
4.19.10 Repower 252

Chapter Five Feasibility Analysis of China New Wind Turbine Projects 253
5.1 Opportunity and Risk of China Wind Turbine Projects 253
5.2 Feasibility Analysis of Wind Turbine project 254

Chapter Six Wind Turbine Industry Research Conclusions 257

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