Axela Expands Market Presence in Agricultural Biotechnology Sector and Hires Industry Veteran Butch Mercer of BioMark™ to Identify Potential Partners

A new technology from Axela Inc. will provide more effective testing methods to improve safety and quality of food processing and production. Butch Mercer of BioMark™ to help advance Axela's dotLab® technology in four agricultural markets: animal health, plant agriculture and biotechnology, food safety and environmental testing.

Online PR News – 25-February-2009 – – Rocky Ganske, President and CEO of Axela Inc. ( today announced that Axela is delivering on its strategic decision to expand into the rapidly growing North American agricultural biotechnology market by engaging Butch Mercer of BioMark™ ( exploit Axela’s dotLab® technology in the animal health, environmental testing, food safety and plant agriculture markets.

“Butch’s extensive operational experience in the agricultural biotechnology markets gains Axela rapid access to partners looking to expand their capabilities in the veterinary diagnostic and food and animal testing arenas.” said Rocky Ganske. “The versatility of Axela’s diffractive optics technology (dot®) and its direct applicability in agricultural biotechnology represents an exciting opportunity to add value and develop business opportunities in these multi-billion dollar market segments.”

Axela has successfully targeted the $20 billion protein research market by focusing on life science protein researchers. By expanding into the agricultural biotechnology market, Butch Mercer said, “Axela’s dotLab® System provides a rapidly deployable and differentiating technology platform to the agricultural market in an era of growing need for new products and services to feed and protect the world’s environment and population.”

About Axela Inc.
Axela’s products provide life science and clinical researchers with simple tools and reagents to study interactions, expand the utility of traditional immunoassays, and access unique categories of diagnostic markers. Participating in the research market provides a pipeline of novel discoveries that form the basis for future multiplex offerings. Axela’s proprietary diffractive optics technology (dot®) is protected by over 150 patents and applications. Axela is a privately-held company with operations in Toronto and California whose major investor is VenGrowth Private Equity Partners Inc. Visit

About BioMark™
Butch Mercer, CEO BioMark has 30 years experience in senior leadership positions in the agricultural sector. BioMark provides services to companies in the life sciences, medical, agricultural and biotechnology related industries. By building value added relationships BioMark capitalizes on the true potential of new and innovative medical, agricultural and biotechnology breakthroughs. Visit

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