New Motivational E-Book Will Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions, The Author “Swears”

Michael F Yew, the author of new motivational e-book “F***ing Great! How To Swear Your Way To A F***ing Great Life” believes that publishing the book on January 2nd is perfect timing – for people trying to keep to their New Year Resolutions.

Online PR News – 06-January-2013 – London – “The whole point of the book is that nearly all of us have things we want to achieve, but don’t because they’re difficult. We may be able push through these obstacles with the occasional well-timed swear-word,” he said. “

“I know it may sound unusual, but the latest research shows that a bit of cursing can reduce pain by up to 50%. Just ask a woman in labour or someone who has stubbed their toe: they know how and why they swear. What I am trying to do with this book is take this latest research and apply it to a process for getting your goals achieved – the more difficult ones that you might find painful and avoid without a bit of extra motivation.”

“F***ing Great!” is also supposed to be an enjoyable read too, poking fun at other motivational books that suggest reaching goals through methods such as hypnotism or appeals to subconscious – in less profanity strewn ways.

“I always wanted a book that spoke to me the way I speak, or the way my sports coach used to speak to me to get me really motivated. It didn’t exist – so I had to f***ing write it!”

The book is currently only available via kindle on amazon for $0.99 at

It will however be available through other online channels by the end of January.

For further information, or for a free press copy of the book, please contact the author directly at

Happy New Year!