A new and radically improved subsea bolt tensioner called VORTEX has been launched by Boltight, a global leader in bolt tensioning systems.

Online PR News – 17-April-2010 – – A new and radically improved subsea bolt tensioner has been launched by Boltight, a global leader in bolt tensioning systems. Called VORTEX, the tool incorporates major enhancements designed to save the oil and gas industry operational time and money as well as protect the environment.

Unlike conventional subsea tensioners, VORTEXfeatures a positive piston stop to prevent the tensioner being taken beyond its stoke limit. With no possibility of over-stroking, the problem of blown seals is eliminated and the time spent returning a tool to the surface for repairs is dramatically reduced.

An innovative automatic piston return also allows the diver to return the tensioner piston underwater, instead of having to send the tool topside. The pressurising fluid is released into the sea at the tensioner end, allowing springs to quickly and easily return the piston in seconds. This is achieved with a simple push button release. Critically for the environment, water is used as the hydraulic fluid instead of oil so oil leaks into the ocean are eliminated.

Boltight's standard VORTEXtensioner can be supplied in a range of sizes to fit bolts between 1" and 3 1/2". In use, the tool is lightweight and easy to work with and uses the latest easy fit composite material seals to ensure a long operating life. Suitable for all standard subsea flange tightening applications, VORTEXis supplied with a comprehensive 100-page health and safety, operating and maintenance manual.

Said Boltight Director Fred Heaton: “VORTEXrepresents a major advance in subsea bolt tensioning technology. Thanks to our innovative automatic piston return and positive piston stop features, we estimate there will be a 45% to 80% saving in dive time. Our tool will spend less time on the surface and more time subsea, saving clients time and money and making the whole subsea bolting process much more efficient."

All Boltight tensioning tools are manufactured to exacting safety standards to strong and robust designs. VORTEX equipment working at pressures of 1000 bar is CE marked and conforms to the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

For more information contact Boltight on +44 (0)845 500 5556, email or link to the website