Growth of English Tutoring in Sydney

English tutoring helps both domestic and international students with their English skills and is the key to successful school exams in Australia.

Online PR News – 06-January-2013 – Sydney, NSW – According to UNESCO, millions of students receive additional academic instruction through private tutoring. Private tutoring is particularly prevalent in Asia-Pacific.

Private tutoring exists alongside the formal education system, it is often called the “shadow education”. Mark Bray, in his book "Confronting the shadow education system" said, “It is not necessarily the weak students; tutoring is more common among the strong ones.”

He added that supplementary private tutoring has positive dimensions. He said private tutoring assists students to cover the curriculum and provide a structured occupation for young people outside school hours.

Louise Watson in her paper entitled "Private expectations and public schooling: the growth of private tutoring in Australia" said that the number of school-aged children in Australia that are receiving additional academic instruction through private tutoring is increasing.

She added that structural features of the state education systems, total household income and private school fees influence the participation in private tutoring.

Other international studies from Baker et al., Tansel and Bircan, suggest that the increased demand for private tutoring came as a result of high-stakes public examinations and intense competition for limited university places.

English tutoring, in particular, helps both domestic and international students with their English skills for high-stakes exams.

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