New Years Resolution to Create Websites and Learn Web Development
01/06/2013 provides tutorials and references for web development and design. You can learn to create awesome websites through more than just programming principles.

Online PR News – 06-January-2013 – Online – Want to help build the web? is devoted to providing tutorials and references for web programmers and developers. After completing the tutorials, you will be a master web programming ninja ready to build any website.

Where do I start?

The answer depends on your expectations. If you want to learn more about web development and design, you can select from the categories on the left of the website. You will notice that every category has a set of tutorials. The tutorials are organized from top to bottom for those wishing to obtain a fundamental understanding of that category.

If you are not wanting to pursue a new subject, you can still use the categories on the left to look for tutorials and references on individual parts of a category. Good luck hunting my friend.

What Is The Point?

The primary purpose of is not just to educate you about a certain language or simply programming. The fact of the matter is that not all web development is programming. Sure, the markup language and the server side processes ultimately render the page for the user to see, but think about the massive websites like,, and Do you think that they just have programmers and maybe a few graphic designers? Absolutely not! They can have hundreds of employees working on the website that haven't ever written a piece of code. This website is devoted to making you a more well-rounded developer by understanding what these other guys do and, of course, a whole lot of other important coding stuff.

What can I learn?

Well, a simple answer is how to build a solid website! Tutorials and References for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ColdFusion, Python, SQL, SEO, Graphic Design, and Information Architecture. This means that you can learn how to build the markup page and design it with HTML and CSS. You can create dynamic content with PHP, ColdFusion, Python, and SQL. The number one thing all websites lack is visitors because they simply have not invested time in learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also provide tutorials on how to craft your website to look amazing. What is the point in building a website if it doesn't look good or can't be found by the average user. Information Architecture is the most overlooked part of the web. Structuring and organizing your content is one of the most important aspects of a high quality website. Start learning all of these topics today!