Acumen education group celebrated a fun activities week for its spoken English students

Acumen education group is an upcoming education group focused towards imparting in depth knowledge in the fields of Aviation, Hospitality, Management, Retail & Spoken English courses in Delhi.

Online PR News – 16-April-2010 – – Acumen celebrated a Fun Activities Week called “Englomania” from 25th March till 30th March to emphasize on the functions & application of Spoken English by creating an atmosphere of camaraderie through fun & frolic. Each day was focused towards addressing a particular pain area for the students & various fun activities & exercises were designed to overcome the same.

Day 1: “The Dice”
The participants had to walk through a puzzle & speak about various topics at the throw of the dice till they reached the final destination. This game helped them to overcome their hesitations which is one of the greatest obstacles for the English learner.

Day 2: “The Speech”
Day 2 was addressed to conquer one of the greatest fears: the fear of Public Speaking. Each participant had to deliver a speech on a topic of their own choice. Corrections were made post the speeches informing each speaker what they could have done better to make their presentation more effective & influential.

Day 3: “The Mind Boggle”
The focus of this day’s activity was on improving & enriching one’s vocabulary. Participants solved many puzzles and exercises like scramble words, pick the odd one out, crosswords on words associated with classroom, object description etc. Finally the day ended with the Bingo game where they had to cross out the opposites of various words that were called out.

Day 4: “Arty Party”
A competition was held among the several groups, where on the spot the groups made posters according to the given topic. The focus of this exercise was teamwork, creativity, coordination & time management.

Day 5: “The Final Countdown”
The focus areas for the activities of the day were vocabulary, describing abilities & talent hunt.

In the first half, the students were made to play pictionary & dumb charades describing some tough English words. This way, not only did they brush up on their vocabulary but also honed their describing abilities. In the second half, we invited students to display their talent to motivate their abilities in various curriculums.

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