Discount Locks Improves Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Range

Discount Locks are the UK's largest independent Online lock and safe retailer has today launched a whole new range on euro anti snap cylinders.

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Fleet – Discount Locks the largest online retailer of locks and security products are constantly trying to keep their customers up to date with the latest events and threats to homeowners, at times of high unemployment criminal gangs are all out to make a quick bit of cash, there is currently a crime wave spreading across the UK involving burglars breaking into UPVC and composite doors and in fact any doors that have Euro Cylinders on them.

The Managing Director, Nigel Moss, who is well versed in these areas due to being a fully qualified locksmith who over a five year period attended all manner of properties following burglaries of all types, said “People do not understand often how easy it is for someone to get into their home, with any door it needs to be securely locked to prevent easy access, but even the criminals are constantly looking for new ways to get into properties often emulating in some way what the locksmiths do.”

This latest phase of lock snapping is a quick and easy way of getting into most doors with Euro Cylinders fitted, the cylinder gets snapped around it’s central point allowing the release mechanism to be got to and the door opened usually within times of less than 2 minutes. As with all things like this the manufacturers have to then come up with new and inventive ways of keeping the undesirables out.

The latest Euro Cylinders have been manufactured to prevent this from happening, Nigel added “With what are called either Anti Snap or Snap Safe Cylinders the name can be misleading, the idea is that when lateral pressure is applied, the cylinder will actually snap in a predefined place, this stops the burglar gaining entry, but if you are out when it happens, upon your return you can still use your key in the remaining part of the lock to open your door as usual”.

The problem with lock snapping is that is it widely publicised at the moment, this is great for letting the public know of the issues relating to it, but it is also a way of letting the criminals know and it allows them to take further advantage of it, a large percentage of break-ins are of the opportunist type, if people give them an easy ride they will take it, for further information about Snap Safe or Anti Snap Euro Cylinders and to make sure that property is protected from these individuals please visit

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