2nd Int’l Swine Flu Conference to be held in Washington, DC, August 18-19

Emergency Preparedness Leaders, Health and School Officials, Business, Public and Private sector Partners will have access to H1N1 Flu experts from around the world to address the issues of continued planning for the possibility of a more severe outbreak of H1N1 flu this fall.

Online PR News – 16-April-2010 – – The 2nd International Swine Flu Conference will occur in Washington, DC on August 18-19 to be followed by all day hands-on workshops on the 20th. New Fields officials announced today.

The ongoing Swine Flu pandemic proved that now more than ever health, education, government, non-profit organizations, and business executives need to discuss and share best practices and lessons learned during this ongoing first pandemic in the age of globalization and prepare for the possibility of a more sever outbreak of H1N1 flu this fall.

With delegates from Tribal, local, state, federal and 32 countries already confirmed, the 2nd ISFC will provide a platform for public health officials and community stakeholders to come together, to network and exchange preparedness and response efforts. Special emphasis will be placed on identifying the responsibilities of various stakeholders in order to improve global communication coordination and collaboration.

To further prepare for possibility of more sever swine flu outbreak, each day of the conference will offer papers on a wide range of topics including:
o Preparing Community Strategies
o Local Partnership and Participation
o Delivery of Vaccine and Anti viral Medication
o Emergency Response and Hospital/Healthcare Coordination
o Prevention Education Efforts and Risk Communication
o Command, Control and Management
o Business Community’s Role

Over 20 breakout sessions will be offered addressing a wide range of issues, including:
o Breakout 1. Business Continuity Planning
o Breakout 2. Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Continuity of Government Planning
o Breakout 3. Emergency Management Services
o Breakout 4. Law Enforcement Agencies
o Breakout 5. School/University Pandemic Planning
o Breakout 6. Workplace Planning
o Breakout 7. Hospital and Emergency Medical Services
o Breakout 8. Airlines, Travel, Air port, Quarantine and Border Health Services
o Breakout 9. Infectious Medical Waste
o Breakout 10. H1N1: Agricultural Perspective & Intervention
And many more…

The 2-day event is open to all interested governmental agencies, organizations, and businesses from all countries. To register, Call us at 202-536-5000, or download a registration form:
Complete and fax to 202-280-1239

Those interested in making presentations related to the Swine Flu or pandemic preparedness, please contact our research department by e-mail at Research@new-fields.com

About New Fields:
The 2nd International Swine Flu Conference is organized by New Fields Exhibitions, Washington, DC, international specialists in public health and emergency planning events and disaster recovery conferences. For expedited registration and other information, contact 202-536-5000. To learn more about latest conference developments please visit: http://www.New-Fields.com/2ndISFC

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