The Green Deal Relaunches in January 2013

The Green Deal was originally launched in October 2012, but the government are re-launching it in the New Year.

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Wilmslow – England 21/12/2012- The Green Deal was originally launched in October 2012, but the government are re-launching it in the New Year

The Green Deal is a scheme run by the UK government to help people to improve the energy efficiency of their home. It is a very clever scheme that is designed to spread the cost of making a home more energy efficient. Doing so, should help more homeowners to be able to afford to make improvements to their home.

Naturally, the improvements need to all be designed to reduce the amount of energy used in the home. Therefore, that means things like loft insulation, the installation of double or triple glazing, wall insulation and draft excluders. However, it also includes bigger projects such as the installation of more energy efficient boilers, wind turbines and solar power systems. At the moment, the scheme is only open to homeowners. Originally, there were plans for businesses to be able to take advantage of The Green Deal, but that has been put off until a later date.

How The Green Deal works
The process starts on-line with a homeowner filling out a short questionnaire. This is designed to work out whether the homeowner could benefit from the scheme. If they can, an accredited Green Deal Assessor will visit the home to interview the homeowner and survey the home. The survey will recommend home improvements a homeowner could make to save money on power bills. They will only identify improvements that could pay for themselves with the money saved on power bills. The survey will be discussed and the assessor will help homeowners to get quotes for the work.

Green Deal installers will carry out the work chosen. The homeowner will pay for work in instalments that will be deducted as part of their fuel bill. As the changes kick in the fuel bills themselves will fall, so the actual amount paid per month should not increase, rather it will decrease, despite the fact home improvements bills are included. The Green Deal is an extremely clever scheme that is also expected to create a quarter of a million jobs.

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