New Drinking and Driving Laws In Ontario and Car Insurance Rates

The new laws are tightening and they affect all Ontario drivers who choose to drink and drive. This new crackdown affects all driver and is harsher on younger verse experienced drivers. Fines and auto insurance rates increase.

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Toronto, Ontario – The new laws are tightening and they affect all Ontario drivers who choose to drink and drive. Ontario drivers of age 21 years old or younger will be subject to an automatic 24 hour car driver's license suspension regardless of amount of Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) and new, lower levels of BAC affect all drivers, regardless of age or class. In addition, a convicted driver will see a whopping increase in their Ontario auto insurance rate and punitive costs.

If an Ontario driver of age 21 years old or younger and regardless of the driver licence class they hold gets caught having any alcohol detected in their body will be subject to an automatic 24 hour license suspension. This suspension is enacted at the time of the testing and, if the young Ontario driver is convicted, will be subject to a $500 fine and a minimum of thirty days driver suspension.

If convicted with a DUI, the increases to your annual Ontario car insurance will be great. Middle aged drivers and seniors can expect to see an increase of about $5,000 per year to their auto insurance rate, while Ontario drivers under the age of 21 will see an increase of $8000 per year, on average. This, of course, is in addition to legal costs, fines and if you are order to get an ignition locking device it can cost an additional $1500.

Current DUI convictions and Fines for Ontario

For all first-time convicted, the penalty minimums are:

-Not allowed to drive for one year
-Conviction Fine of $1,000 minimum
-Completion of "Back on Track Course" program
-Possible Ignition lock device for one year (paid for by convicted)
-Significant increases in your Ontario auto insurance rates for 6 years

Remember, if you are charged with drinking and driving, this is a criminal conviction and will remain on your record for the rest of your life, unless you receive a court ordered pardon.

If Charged, Should you prepare to fight the Charges?

In speaking to, an Ontario car insurance broker, they emphasize that, "A criminal record that remains with you for your life, fines and legal expenses, personal shame and a massive increase in your Ontario car insurance rate. There are ample good reason to consider challenging any charges of drinking and driving."

Lots to consider, and with good reason. As always, seek good counsel.