Pittsburgh SEO Consultant Discovers Increased Demand for Web Marketing Despite Recession

April Weitzel, a prominent Pittsburgh search engine optimization (SEO) consultant, has discovered SEO services are more sought after by small and mid-sized businesses seeking to remain competitive and prosper during this recession. The increased demand for SEO consulting is due to the high return on investment it provides when compared to traditional forms of marketing and advertising

Online PR News – 25-February-2009 – – April Weitzel, a leading SEO consultant has discovered that companies are increasing spending on SEO consulting services to survive and prosper during this economic downturn. To remain competitive, companies are shifting their marketing budgets to invest more on SEO services and less on television, radio and print advertising. According to April, “With TV, radio and print advertising, companies pay money to advertise to people who may not be interested in their services. With SEO, your company is promoted to people who are actively engaged, seeking your product or service, and more ready to buy.”

Which is Best a SEO Firm, In House Employee or Consultant?

Most small businesses will find working with a SEO consultant provides the most value for your money. A consultant typically costs less than a SEO firm or fulltime employee because he or she has minimal fixed costs. Conversely, most small businesses will find it cost prohibitive to hire an SEO firm or an in-house search strategist. SEO firms have fixed cost they must build into their pricing: rent, utilities, employee salaries, health insurance, and more. Hiring a Pittsburgh SEO expert to work in house usually proves difficult to do because of the high salaries they command and the severe shortage of true SEO talent.

Qualifying Questions to Find an Experienced SEO Consultant

A business should be selective when looking for a SEO consultant. The Pittsburgh internet marketing services and SEO fields are being diluted by web designers and developers claiming to have expertise with search engine optimization and traditional marketers who have been downsized looking for a quick income supplement. When interviewing SEO consultants, it is important to ask how long he or she has been actively performing search engine optimization. Look for a consultant with a minimum of five years ongoing SEO experience. Make sure the consultant provides case studies and proof of search engine ranking results for current clients. Be leery of SEO consultants who claim their client results are confidential. This may signal that he or she has no positive results to share, or worse yet, no results at all. Keeping abreast of the multitude of variables in the search engine ranking formulas requires dedication, years of trial and error experimentation, daily research, and true commitment and passion.

About April Weitzel

Since 200, April Weitzel has been actively involved in all aspects of search engine marketing (SEM) including SEO, PPC advertising, online PR, social media marketing and Internet video optimization. As a Pittsburgh SEO consultant, she has gotten first page search results and increased visitors, leads and sales for a variety of products and services in several industries including education, not for profit, real estate, health care and more. Prior to 2000, she worked in the film industry on various feature films and commercials. April holds a BFA in Film/Video Production from Point Park University and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from the University of Pittsburgh. More information about April's Pittsburgh SEO consulting practice can be found at www.seoapril.com

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