Announce December UK 'Brand Index Survey' Results.

A UK leading edge survey company has announced the results of it's December brand index survey which was designed to capture an authentic snapshot of UK brand public opinion.

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – London – A UK leading edge survey and research company has announced the results of it's December brand index survey which was designed to capture an authentic snapshot of UK public opinion which has influenced consumer behaviour, purchasing and preferences of brands, goods and services over the festive period.

Not only including conventional Christmas buying patterns and behaviours, the brand index survey carried out by 'SurveySeat' highlighted non-consumer related public opinion on a comprehensive range of factors including political party preferences and on-demand services to financial service providers and public perception of brands following media attention. Including a wide variety of fully inclusive data ranges, the latest brand index survey has allowed 'SurveySeat' to continue long term tracking of public opinion through brand analysis and accurately charts the changing public feeling towards brands in the United Kingdom.

December's brand index survey has highlighted that Asda supermarket, which has historically lead the grocery rankings, remains positively fixed at the top of the public opinion tables where it has remained consistently since September 2012. While the top spot was firmly rooted in place, 'SurveySeat' interestingly highlighted a notable decline in the popularity for all four of the big supermarket brands since November 2012.

In the entertainment industry, 'Sky' has seen increased competition from online providers 'Netflix' and 'LoveFilm' who continue to gain ground in the popularity stakes as a more affordable alternative. 'SurveySeat' respondents indicated a marginal lead for Netflix over LoveFilm. In related arenas, the Technology Company Index highlighted an expected plummeting opinion for the web giant 'Google' following recent media attention surrounding tax avoidance, while the electronics brand 'Samsung' has taken the lead ahead of Apple and Microsoft.

Politics did not escape the attention of December's 'Brand Index Survey' with public opinion dipping for both the Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour parties respectively, however the order of preference remained the same as that indicated in November 2012. In the banking world, the Co-Op remained in second position under First Direct however the latest results indicate it has experiences a drop below rivals with exception of Lloyds TSB. Despite a noted decrease, First Direct remains ahead of HSBC, NatWest, Santander, Barclays, Halifax, Co-Op and Lloyds. is an online marketing survey company based in the UK. For further information about the survey and market research services on offer, please contact 0208 398 0577 or alternatively visit and click 'contact us'.