Ulli Lommel Creates The New Boogeyman Saga in (3D)

Ulli Lommel has finished writing The Boogeyman (3D) Feature Film Sagan, currently in development.

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Berlin, Germany – Ulli Lommel is working on several projects, one is the Lommel Foundation, an non-profit organization that owns most of his movies, plus he's restoring many of his 70s and 80s films and designing the Boogeyman Saga, 2 features in 3D and a 3D TV-Series. That'll keep him pretty busy for the next 5 years.

Q: You worked with Andy Warhol for 3 years from 1977 to 1980 and the 2 of you created 2 movies, 2 cult classics - Blank Generation and Cocaine Cowboys. Tell us about the Warhol years.

A: One of the results are Polaroid Exhibits in Berlin, Paris and Rio. The first film we made, Blank Generation, starring Carole Bouquet, Punk Superstar Richard Hell, myself and Andy, was just recently released in Japan to enormous success. During that shoot I took 36 Polaroids from Andy 360 degrees around him during a moment of creation. Those amazing Polaroids are now assembled in several exhibits. Our second film, Cocaine Cowboys - Andy plays an even bigger part in that one - also has a cult following. Of my 100 or so movies I made in my life as actor, producer, writer and director, 8 stand out, and the 2 Warhols films belong into that group. Those 8 films, that I directed between 1970 and 2011, are like my favorite children, the ones that defy time and space and almost live in the 4th dimension.

Q: You also do an homage for Andy in Berlin as film and theater called "Fucking Liberty"?

A: Yes, it's the first time 3D film is being combined with live action. It's a fascinating experiment that sometimes seems like the invention of a new medium to the transition from silent movies to talkies. The great Berlin based set design artist Bert Neumann created a wonderful setting, a huge head of Micky Mouse, where actors play in Micky's dark eyes and 3D is projected onto Micky's 15 ft. wide mouth which is also a razor blade. We have black hip-hop dancers and singers, a punk rock band and some 20 of the best rock and pop songs ever written and an ensemble of the top tier in acting in Germany or maybe the entire world.

Q: You worked with Fassbinder for many years, the great German film genius, some say he's the best director of the 20th century, did you also do theater with him?

A: Oh, yes! It was called the antiteater and I was a part of it from 1968 to 77. I made a total of 21 Fassbinder productions, theater, film, TV and radio. We worked day and night.

Q: Warhol once told you the secret to his success is the Warhol in you. What did he mean by that?

A: I guess what he meant was that it's all a projection, love, hate, indifference…everything. And when I love Warhol, it's the Warhol in me that understands and loves him.

Q: Orson Welles shared the same editing room on La Brea in Hollywood with you in the mid-80s.

A: Yes, I actually gave him several jobs to survive, celebrity appearances etc., plus helped him get a wine commercial. We stayed close friends up to the death of Welles. He died a poor man. Which makes all of Hollywood very poor in my mind.

Q: You are a renaissance man, having reinvented yourself many times: Childhood actor at age 4, Teen idol at age 15, after he met Elvis Presley in Germany and then went on tour singing German versions of Elvis songs. Fassbinder Star from 1969 - 1977. Warhol collaborator in the NY factory from 1977 - 1980, First German born new wave film maker to have a No. 1 B.O. Hit in post WWII USA with Boogeyman. Creator of the Boogeyman Franchise. Record making 21 films between 2005 and 2009. Successful Biography released in Europe in 2010. Revolutionary invention of new theater medium combining 3D film with live stage performances in 2013. What's next?

A: I'm working on several projects, one is the Lommel Foundation, an non-profit organization that owns most of my movies, plus I'm restoring many of my 70s and 80s films and I'm designing the Boogeyman Saga, 2 features in 3D and a 3D TV-Series. That'll keep me pretty busy for the next 5 years, but I'm also doing a documentary on fame and a documentary about my life.