EBC TEFL introduces a new Academic Advisory Board

To maintain a high level of quality and due diligence regarding quality control, EBC's 4 week intensive TEFL course is now externally validated and moderated by the "Academic Advisory Board" (AAB).

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – London – Since 2002 EBC has been a pioneer in teacher training and has become a leader in applied linguistics/teacher training pre-service courses.EBC's courses are given in several countries. EBC runs standard entry-level, 4 week, intensive TEFL courses that are written to English national curriculum standards QCF level 4.To maintain a high level of quality and due diligence regarding quality control, EBC's 4 week intensive TEFL course is also externally validated and moderated by the "Academic Advisory Board" (AAB).- The AAB is completely independent from EBC- AAB members are EFL, ESL, linguistics and study abroad experts.- Four AAB members are PhDs.- All AAB members are recognised authors in their field of expertise: teaching English as a second and foreign language, English language learning and study abroad programmes.This new approach to external validation and moderation breaks with traditional methods whereby work is just checked against a tick-list of criteria with zero added value.EBC's new approach brings with it not only a check as to whether the criteria have been met but it brings with it a wealth of experience from 4 prominent PhDs who also contibute to the improvement of the TEFL course.After EBC's experience with two examination boards in the UK, EBC has concluded that their idea of quality control and what EBC expects are sadly lacking. The staff assigned by these examination boards were lacking in experience and seemed to have little or no idea about what we wanted to achieve. They seemed to be more concerned about "form filling", format and billing than they were about content. During our several years stay with these examination boards and contrary to what they both said when we started, we never saw a single inspector.Our conclusion is that they are purely out to monopolise their positions and make money paying only lip-service to quality control.For this reason we decided to approach prominent PhDs in the education sector to properly validate and moderate our courses. Our agreement with the Academic Advisory Board is that they will check our students work and also act as advisers regarding content, changes and improvements to the overall educational experience. In short, they are a serious group of educational experts that are not business oriented and driven by the bottom line.The Academic Advisory Board (AAB) came into effect as of January 1, 2013 and is comprised of Dr. Paul Brett - Head of Blended Learning, University of WolverhamptonSpecialist areas, Dr. Patricia (Trish) Delamere - Owner and Director, International Institute of Languages, Madrid. BA, University of East Anglia, Msc., Phd, The Florida State University. Past Director of the Department of Applied Languages, European University of Madrid. Past Head of English Language Programs, University of Washington, Dr. Jane Arnold - Professor of ELT methodology, University of Seville and Dr. Jaime de Salas Ortueta - Professor of philosophy, Complutense University. We also have the honour of having Peggy J. Printz (BA - Smith College, MA - Columbia University) the Founder of "Study in the USA" on board as well as an expert in study abroad programmes.We know that the AAB will add a lot of value, not only to EBC's TEFL courses but also to the educational experience of all of our course students.If you would like more information about the EBC TEFL course and/or the Academic Advisory Board, please feel free to contact us via our web page www.ebc-tefl-course.com