Announcing New January Social Media Training Class: How to Engineer Return into Your Social Media

Boot Camp Digital announces their first training workshop for 2013: How to Engineer ROI into Your Social Media Strategy

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Cincinnati, OH – January 4, 2012 -- Boot Camp Digital (, a leading educator in the field of social media and Internet marketing, is excited to announce that the newest upcoming training course in their series of online and live social media seminars is Social Media ROI: How to Engineer Return Into Your Social Media. The live event in Cincinnati, Ohio will take place on January 16th from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at the Boot Camp Digital training room in downtown Cincinnati. The online event will take place on January 16th from 1:30-3:00 PM EST. Participants can register for either class at

After the live webinar is over, the recording of the online training will be available on-demand for attendees to re-watch. Those who had to miss the original webinar can also purchase the recording at this time.

Today, even though 88% of businesses are on social media, only 1 in every 4 businesses actually knows if they are getting results from their social media marketing efforts. While the spending on social media marketing continues to grow, companies are not coming up with strategies that focus on getting a Return on Investment from social media.

The time to start engineering Return on Investment into your social media is now. Over 75% of Fortune 100 companies are on Facebook, and 55% of consumers will share their purchases on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Social media is not going away, and people need to start focusing on how to get the results that are just barely out of their reach. That’s why Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital and head trainer of Boot Camp Digital’s social media training programs, created a live and online training class for how to get a return on investment from social media.

The objective of this seminar is to show companies, small businesses, and individual professionals alike how to break through the noise of social media and get the ROI that all of their competitors are fighting for.

“I have been in the field of social media marketing from the very beginning, and I’ve discovered that you can get it down to a science” says Neher. “There are so many tactics, tools, and strategies in social media that people and businesses can use to gain new leads, sales, customers, and more. This class will focus on showing people how to do just that.” Boot Camp Digital’s latest live and online training class will show attendees exactly how to engineer ROI into their social media strategies - so they can stop wasting tons of time and money on the wrong things and start delivering.

This exclusive media training program was created to teach attendees how to build a solid strategy that will grow their brand or business in the new year. Neher will cover the business value that can be derived from social media and the latest trends and strategies that successful companies will be using for social media in 2013. The class will also focus on how to save time and get the best bang for your buck, as well as how to specifically engineer your social media marketing to get better results.

As an internationally known professional social media speaker and educator, Neher has been a leader and expert in social media marketing for over seven years. Boot Camp Digital specializes not only in showing people how to take advantage of social networks - but how to translate their traditional marketing skills into the online world. Marketers, business professionals, small business owners, and companies alike will learn how to get ahead of the competition in 2013 and start getting the attention and business that they want.

Those interested in this upcoming Social Media ROI training class should register immediately to take advantage of the $10 discount for the first 100 registrants. Participants can register for and learn more about the online training class at

January 16, 2012
Live in Cincinnati: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Online: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Investment: $27

For more information on Boot Camp Digital's Social Media Online Training sessions, visit

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Boot Camp Digital ( is a top-rated provider of social media, Internet marketing and digital training to companies of all sizes. Boot Camp Digital has worked with the biggest and best companies including Google, Procter & Gamble, Fifth Third Bank, The United States Senate, Macy's, GE and many others. Krista Neher ( is the CEO of Boot Camp Digital and is an internationally recognized speaker, a social media expert, bestselling author of The Social Media Field Guide and coauthor of the textbook Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach.