Audiocodecs AEQ Phoenix And Other Teams In London 2012

Mr. Javier Polo Head of EBU Sports Operations Group EBU has revealed that they will be used to broadcast the event

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Madrid – Madrid ,Spain - Sr. Javier Polo Head of EBU Sports Operations Group ha desvelado que EBU los va a utilizar para la retransmisión del evento

Mr. Polo has written an application note and a User Report EBU explaining how to use the equipment in general and AEQ Phoenix Studio audiocodecs particularly for retransmission of the London Games. Notes include the following:

"In the international broadcast sound in big events such as the Olympics, you have to route the thousands of audio circuits from each source (either the voice of a commentator, public or environmental sound) to each radio operator / broadcasting.

The audio we generate the organization at different locations through AEQ commentator positions, assigned to the various operators of radio / television broadcasting RHB or "rightholders". All circuits each venue are multiplexed and sent from each site to the IBC (International Broadcasting Center), the so-called CSC (Commentary Switching Center) through routers AEQ BC 2000. It is what is known as part of contribution.

Once collected circuits all venues (Concentration), take a large matrix of 5000x5000 TITAN AEQ main circuit switched circuits on a schedule we have previously given to the organization, to be taken to their destinations. This switch can also be dynamic in case of circuits shared by several operators in different moments.

In our case (EBU European Broadcasting Union), it works a bit differently: the EBU switching within the IBC receives a high capacity link from the main matrix of the CSC, and by another matrix AEQ TITAN distributed to the different operators within the cluster. This audio will be sent by teams dedicated to destination countries using various types of bond, such as E1, IP or ISDN.

To transmit IP and ISDN circuits, however, you must use an audio codec with high audio quality, reliability and robustness to problems down the line, with guaranteed recovery automatically. It is also important to make optimal use of the channel. We adopted the audiocodec AEQ Phoenix Studio for this application.

In the Olympics London, using point-to-point IP and ISDN. The transmission can be performed with high quality, with the algorithm 15KHz AEQ-LD +, or with the traditional circuits of contribution G722 7.5 kHz. Maintain digital transmission from the microphone inputs of commentators until mixers operators or the TV if the viewer.

Both the Host Broadcasters as AEQ equipment EBU been using for decades. The Phoenix audiocodec added to the new system AEQ commentators fully digital, integrated automated represents a quantum leap in the quality and reliability of audio and communications for the transmission of major sporting events. "

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