Boredom Is The Main Reason Couples Divorce

7 out of 10 marriage break-ups result from a couples failure to agree on mundane issues about home duties and finances according to research carried out by UK law firm, Gateley. So how can a couple keep a marriage alive?

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – Cambridge, UK – What happens after the initial sparkle of a new relationship begins to fade? According to the law firm Gateley couples start to disagree about the routine division of household tasks and soon after that the boredom of routine starts a journey that can end in the divorce courts.

This theme has been picked up by the newly released Romance Novel “Playtime for Priya”. According to the author, Frankie Ledger, fiction is not reflecting reality when it comes to romance. “There are hundreds of book published that deal with infidelity and illicit affairs. What I tried to do in ‘Playtime’ is show that a married couple can have more fun and keep their relationship alive.” The novels central theme is a relationship drifting apart.

The research reported in the Telegraph earlier this week suggests that couples should regard a marriage as more like a business merger and discuss the division of duties early. Frankie Ledger takes a more lighthearted approach with a strong message in the novel that the important thing is to maintain the fun and Focus on love.

Although a work of fiction the book is already being recognized for the value of its central message with one reader leaving the following comment, “Beyond entertaining, the author offers hope for partners sidetracked by the day-to-day drone to show how adult tender, sincere loving play can recover the passion, warmth, and sizzle in a marriage.” Providing Romance Tips within an entertaining read could contribute to Saving a Relationship.

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About Frankie Ledger
Frankie is a former relationship counsellor for a major UK charity. He also headed a school for youngsters with emotional and behaviour challenges

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