New Version Features Flashcards, Insert of Program code, and New Export Formats

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2006 - Horizon Wimba announced right now the immediate accessibility to Course Genie 2.0, which allows users to more easily build prosperous media content such as Flashcards and Wimba audio recordings

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Detroit – NEW YORK, February. 15, 2006 - Horizon Wimba announced nowadays the immediate use of Course Genie 2.0, which allows users to be able to more easily build wealthy media content including Flashcards and Wimba audio tracks, export Microsoft Word(TM) files to new formats, and quickly develop interactive content including questions, media data files, and pop-ups.This technology of Course Genie 2.0 features:- Program Genie Flashcards- Fresh header styles for adding HTML, Javascript, Coffee applets, and other code directly into Word documents- Tables for less complicated editing of polls, pop-ups, media, and metadata- Export to be able to Blackboard quiz file format in addition to export to WebCT quiz and QTI forms- Improved SCORM upload allows Course Genie to report directly to quality books and checking tools in Moodle, WebCT CE Half a dozen.0, Vista 4.0, and Chalkboard- Removal of initialization methodCreating new types of interactivity is the focus of Course Genie 2.3. Course Genie Flashcards are a perfect tool pertaining to studying and developing engaging K-12 instructional written content. Able to be created from a single document, Flashcards enjoy in a Macromedia Flash program, allowing educators * and even students : to create a wide range of materials for student workout routines. Instructors create the energetic content in Expression, save it in Course Genie, and view this in Flash from within their online course.Furthermore, new Course Genie variations (cgHtml and cgHtmlHeader) allow consumers to add HTML, Javascript, and also other code into their Expression documents in order to create perhaps richer course written content. In fact, several establishments are already exploring the concept of inserting Wimba Voice Planks directly into their Training course Genie material."We wanted to help make Course Genie more participating," said Tommaso Trionfi, Top dog of Horizon Wimba. "Course Genie has now proved itself to be an easy course creation tool for teachers of all technical expertise, and this new release increases the range of interactive content that can be created. Just about any user can now construct Flashcards, insert many different code, and more very easily edit interactive characteristics - all inside their existing Word paperwork."In addition to the brand new Flashcards, all of Program Genie's interactive content - including questions, mass media, and pop-ups - are built inside furniture within Word for easier editing. Additionally, improved SCORM export permits Course Genie to document directly to the grade books and checking tools in Moodle, WebCT CE Six.0, Vista 4.0 and Chalkboard.Finally, the improved SCORM foreign trade from the new SCORM bill within Course Genie makes it possible for users to move multiple Shareable Content Items (SCOs), allowing users to utilize CMS/VLE navigation for their program content.About Skyline WimbaHorizon Wimba develops collaborative computer programs addressing the diverse needs of the emerging online education market. The software enables corporations to take advantage of the actual multitude of advances on the net and Internet-based technologies while enhancing their course management systems. The actual Company's virtual classroom answer enables educators to show and meet are living online, its oral collaboration technologies create oral content right into course content, webpages and assessments, and its particular content authoring computer software allows users in order to quickly and easily convert Microsoft Word(TM) documents into websites. With simplicity and also power, Horizon Wimba contributes new dimensions to be able to online, accessible schooling, enriching the learning encounter for both students and also instructors.For more information about horizonwimba visit our website.Press contact:Matt Wasowski212.813.3886