Approach To Environmental Issues on-line Course "Environmental Awareness"

Approach to Environmental Issues on-line course "Environmental Awareness" Harnessing new technologies for Sustainability The Course will last for three weeks

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Toledo – Toledo, Spain, January 04, 2013.- The Environment Service of the council, in its Environmental Training Program, organized a course on-line on environmental awareness.

With this course, aimed at enterprise workers, freelancers and individuals who want to have a first look at the major environmental issues, the council continues to promote awareness of the whole society in improving our environment, this time through new technologies.

The objectives of this training are summarized in acquiring sustainability criteria in their place of residence, work or any means of transport, and to describe the major environmental problems in general and in the workplace, and develop and to know good environmental practices.

After completing the registration, stakeholders begin the course, which will run for three weeks.

The faculty is provided by Ambientum, environmental experts and on-line training.

The deadline for applications is the 30th May, as the course can be made until June 2012. The registration fee is 50 €.

Once purchased under the theoretical knowledge course, it is expected that participants implement and disseminate sustainable lifestyle and good environmental practices in their daily work.

For more information you can write to the email address medioambiente@diputoledo.esor call telephone 925 214 072/925 216 905. The application and course content are available on the website: (Department of Environment, Environmental Training Course Online-environmental awareness.) -

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