Spain's Government Authorizes the Adjustment Plan Submitted by the City of Torrijos

Spain Government Approves Plan Presented by the City Council Setting Torrijos.

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Toledo – Toledo, Spain, January 04, 2013- The City of Torrijos gets approval of the adjustment plan submitted to the Ministry to fund payment obligations outstanding at December 31, 2011, a plan that meets basic criteria to ensure the financial sustainability of the operation.

The main objective of this transaction is the payment to suppliers, giving them a break, City Hall turns back Torrijos with traders and enabling employers to pay their bills as quick. This measure will torrijeños employers paid their outstanding invoices in the coming weeks.

Thanks to good work during the past four years the government of Gomez? Hidalgo Torrijos not compromised management for 10 years, since the revision of cadastral values ??applied by the Ministry of Finance in 2009 the municipality torrijeño is sufficient to guarantee the repayment, without having to carry out long-term cuts.

Speaking of the Mayor of Torrijos' is a satisfaction that the government will approve the plan and thus pay all suppliers Torrijos City Council, noting that this has been caused by the previous government of the Community Board of Castilla la Mancha This has left the City Council three times debt we owe to our suppliers. "

The Councillor of Finance, Cayetana Gonzalez said "I got all this despite the socialist municipal group did not show up even when full, again giving back to torrijeños and businesses and workers torrijeñas torrijeños in Government change for us as our main objective is to fulfill our obligations "