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SELF STUDY ON DIGITAL latest console technology developed by AEQ

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Madrid – Madrid, Spain,- SELF STUDY ON DIGITAL latest console technology developed by AEQ

Boreal antenna from its dial 89.7FM has been the radio station in the south of Madrid in recent years with programming content Proximity generalist with a strong presence of national and international contemporary music and call-in listeners.

Boreal antenna has traditionally been a satisfied customer of AEQ using technology to present an analog console AEQ BC300 in self study in Valdemoro and TH03 telephone hybrids and professional audio codecs for ISDN.

Currently renamed Boreal Antenna - Cope South Valdemoro Madrid, the company is undergoing a major renovation process technical result which has decided to install the new ultra-compact digital audio console AEQ CAPITOL in its main studio.

The digital console AEQ CAPITOL about technology in digital audio consoles for broadcast, radio stations and television in which digitization has not yet been reached. Based on consoles AEQ ARENA FORUM today equipping hundreds of studies of high and medium level, and customer feedback we requested a product with the same power, versatility and simplicity FORUM, but adequate to replace digitally, "at a cost analog" console following studies equipping most radio and TV sets. CAPITOL offers the same benefits as FORUM in a "fixed" with some limited options, tailored to the real needs of most stations.

The entire project was led by the director of Antena Boreal Ms. Cristina Fontan in coordination with the sales manager D. Bernard Saiz and technical boss AEQ D. Gregorio Rubio.

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