Technology AEQ Caper at the Fair 2012 from Argentina

New automation system AEQ DIGITAL BROADCAST QUALITY AudioPlus without expensive professional cards AUDIO

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Madrid – Madrid, Spain, - New automation system AEQ AudioPlus digital quality without expensive BROADCAST PROFESSIONAL AUDIO CARDS

Coinciding with the celebration of the fair in the sector of Argentine broadcast CAPER2012 (24 to 26 October at Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires) AEQ displays much of its technological innovations developed in this year's local partner stand VEC SRL highlighting the new automation system AEQ AudioPLUS as attempted approximation of AEQ technology in broadcast systems Computer professionals, those radio stations that professional automation has not yet been reached. Based on systems and AEQ AEQ Mar4win Mar4Suite installed in thousands of studies of high and medium level, in networks of up to hundreds of jobs, has developed a product aimed at the majority of radio studios, independent stations or chains with few jobs per station.

AudioPLUS AEQ offers new features, tailored to the real needs, skills and purchasing power of most stations. It includes tools for manual issue, and by remote automatic, automatic music programming and advertising, and content generation and editing. Unlike other applications of moderate cost, this great tool for small and medium power stations and has the best quality on SQL databases.

AEQ AudioPLUS allows as novelty connected with the latest digital console AEQ and AEQ FORUM CAPITOL (also in the exhibition) without using the traditionally expensive professional audio cards typical of these professional systems through the use of USB ports available on PC and USB interfaces that integrate digital mixer AEQ, always maintaining AES digital audio quality.

Completes the deployment of technology AEQ CAPER2012 visible at the show with the presence of large-format digital console AEQ ARENA or small analog and AEQ BRAVO, in an attempt to show the Argentine market's broad portfolio of solutions currently valid AEQ for almost any application and project or client level.

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