Hit Songs Deconstructed Releases Its Latest E-Book: Who's Writing The Hits?

245 Credited Songwriters, 59 Top 10 Hit Pop Songs, 1 Hit Songwriting Champion

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – NEW York – WHO'S WRITING THE HITS?
245 Credited Songwriters, 59 Top 10 Hit Pop Songs, 1 Hit Songwriting Champion

New York, NY - Hit Songs Deconstructed released their latest e-book, Who's Writing The Hits? Pop 2011 In Review, which showcases all of the songwriters who were involved in crafting the 59 songs that reached the top of the Billboard Pop Songs chart in 2011.

Who's Writing The Hits? was written both to give well deserved recognition to these "behind the scenes" hitmakers who were instrumental in launching and maintaining the careers of many of today's A-list superstars, as well as to acquaint aspiring songwriters with the people that they should be studying to help take their craft to the next level and position themselves for success in TODAY'S music industry.

The e-Book includes:
- The undisputed "hit songwriting champion" of 2011
- The most successful collaborative partnerships
- The "#1 hit club"
- The top songwriters by Pop sub-genre
And much more!

To download this FREE e-book go to www.HitSongsDeconstructed.com/WWTH

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