“BlueSkyDrugs” Raising the Standard of Generic Medications

BlueSkyDrugs.com is indeed one of the leading online generic pharmacies that excel in providing useful drugs at utterly reasonable rates.

Online PR News – 05-January-2013 – Unit #202A 8322 130th St Surrey, BC Canada V3W 8J9 – BlueSkyDrugs.com is indeed one of the leading online generic pharmacies that excel in providing useful drugs at utterly reasonable rates. It provides over the counter medications and generic prescription drugs to millions all around the globe.

This pharmacy has gained a huge online reputation owing to the quality service it provides and also the legitimacy of the services which can be established from the license that it holds. The pharmacy is duly licensed from British Columbia, Canada by the college of Pharmacists of BC.

Philosophy of Blue Sky Drugs

The business philosophy of this company is quite simple and evidently philanthropic. The company believes that effective drugs at reasonable rates can be quite helpful in curbing the woes from human lives.

Generic vs. Brand Medicines

This is the most common question that is raised by many. People get perplexed by the fact that if both the brand and the generic versions are equally potent then why they differ so much in cost. Well, it’s because the brand manufacturers include the cost of the research and development that they had incurred while manufacturing the medicine. And that’s what inflates the cost of the brand versions.

Why do they look different then?

A medicine is made up of two types of components active and inactive. The generic manufacturer of drugs omits the inactive components of the medicine thereby changing the look of it but not the potency. It is done to abide by the law that states that generic medicines cannot be an exact copy of their branded counterparts.

Does that affect the potency of the medicine?

No, not at all it just alters the appearance of the medicine but not its potency. Therefore one can be certain that they will get the same benefits of taking the brand medicines as they would have received by going for the branded ones.

BlueSky Drugs – Certified international pharmacy

Though the company is based in the British Columbia, Canada it has got its fulfillment centers all around the world. Some of the important locations where it has got its fulfillment centers are India, UK, Mauritius, Turkey, United States and Singapore. It offers generic prescription drugs and over the counter drugs to customers all across the world.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

BlueSkyDrugs also makes sure that their customers are thoroughly satisfied by their service and leaves no stones unturned to ensure that those who buy the generic drugs do not have qualms regarding it.

1. Pricing Guarantee - The Company will match any price that is provided by their rivals. However before doing that it will check the price in real time and also make sure that it is manufactured by the same company and that it is not an introductory price.

2. Product Guarantee – One can get a 100% refund on products if that is sent back without being opened. Opened packages can also fetch a 50% refund if returned within 14 days. The goods should however be returned via regular mail.

3. Shipping Guarantee – The Company will re-ship their products if the customers do not receive that within 21 days. For overseas customers the time frame is 30 days.

These are some of the highlights of the company. For more information feel free to visit their website Blueskydrugs.com