Clinical trials of a new supplement on many stage IV cancers
show a 60% overall positive response rate

Online PR News – 16-April-2010 – – San Diego, April 1, 2010 --- “We have seen patients go into full remission with aggressive, stage IV cancers and we see continued positive responses in others with previously chemo-resistant cancer. Other benefits from Poly-MVA are a significantly improved quality of life and a substantial reduction in the number and severity of side effects from chemo and radiation therapies.” --Dr. James Forsythe
Dr. James W. Forsythe M.D., H.M.D. a medical oncologist and homeopathic physician with Century Wellness Clinic Reno, NV, has been conducting an outcome based investigation on various Stage IV Cancers since January of 2004 in Reno, Nevada.
To date, 225 patients have enlisted in the Investigation and thus far a 60 percent overall positive response rate has been noted (with some cancers reaching over 70% positive response rate). If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, consider integrating Poly-MVA into a protocol for support.

What is Poly-MVA…
It is a patented food supplement that is taking center stage in the battle against cancer.
Poly-MVA is not conventional cancer therapy but rather a non-toxic palladium lipoic compound with vitamins and minerals.

Could something as simple as a dietary food supplement really benefit people with advanced cancer? Dr. James W. Forsythe is encouraged by the results from his clinical trials.

Unfortunately, doctors are legally bound by law to recommend only those cancer protocols that are approved by the FDA – radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. The clinical trials conducted by Dr. Forsythe included approaches using only chemotherapy, chemotherapy with Poly-MVA and Poly-MVA as a stand alone. Review the results of Poly-MVA, a non-toxic food supplement for yourself.

Knowledge is power. Empower yourself and your loved ones. This study and more are available for review

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