Nielsen & Bly, PC Discusses the Drunk Driving Information on Their Website

Nielsen & Bly, PC share their thoughts on the wealth of drunk driving information they have on their website

Online PR News – 16-April-2010 – – Portsmouth, New Hampshire - 4/15/10 - Nielsen & Bly, PC share their thoughts on the wealth of helpful information on drunk driving that is found on their website From a BAC calculator to what to do if you are pulled over for a DWI, they want to ensure that the citizens of New Hampshire are educated on the state DWI laws.

"Information is usually a key to staying on the right side of the law. We compiled a list of the most important subjects from questions asked to us about driving while intoxicated. It was our desire to make sure this information was readily available to anyone at anytime when they are in need of some answers," said William Bly of Nielsen & Bly, who is known for his devotion to helping others.

At Nielsen & Bly, they are always concerned about their clients. It is their goal to ensure that their clients have their rights protected. They understand, from vast experience, that gaining knowledge of these laws and rights when it comes to driving under the influence will help people keep out of trouble.

Bly went on to explain, "We share because we want to help. We are passionate about this state and the people that reside here. New Hampshire has some strict DWI laws, and rightfully so. Drivers should be protected from those driving a vehicle under the influence. We hope that these resources give drivers insight into these laws."

Since they already have a noted reputation for their expertise and dedication, the complimentary information they provide the public with is just one more proof that they follow words with action.

For more information about the law firm of Nielsen and Bly, PC and their Portsmouth, New Hampshire location, you can reach them at (603) 373-1617. Or to check out their free drunk driving resources, visit their website at