LOVE IS ART Encourages Couples To Capture Their Love On Canvas This Valentine's Day

LOVE IS ART has been redefining the concept of romantic creativity. Founded by artist Jeremy Brown, LOVE IS ART inspires lovers to safely create their own one-of-a-kind abstract paintings during the act of making love. What better way to commemorate the perfect Valentine's?

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – Atlanta, GA – ATLANTA - Love IS ART encourages couples to express their love and capture it on canvas this valentine's day, all while helping to solve world hunger. Early 2011, artist Jeremy Brown created an art kit that allows couples to safely craft an abstract expressionistic painting while being intimate. What better way to commemorate a perfect Valentine's?

LOVE IS ART has been redefining the concept of romantic creativity. Founded by South African-born artist Jeremy Brown, LOVE IS ART inspires lovers to create their own abstract painting while sharing their love for each other. As an abstract artist, Brown has been making paintings during intimacy for over a decade, inspired by the 1960’s French artist Yves Klein and various performance pieces by Andy Warhol.

After numerous requests from friends, Brown was inspired to create artists’ kits which help lovers create an intimate work of art during the act of making love. Simply put, the love is art kit comes with all of the materials a couple needs to safely make a tangible piece of abstract expressionistic art while being intimate with one another. What is left is a one-of-a-kind abstract painting that represents that special moment, that can then be stretched and hung on the wall -- a reminder of the love that was shared. The kit also provides a unique bonding experience for the couples involved, as they work together as a team to craft their own unique masterpiece.

Brown researched and developed appropriate materials to ensure a safe project, including a treated non-acrylic cotton canvas, as well as a specially formulated all-natural, non-toxic paint.

The standard kit includes:
• Large painters tarp to protect surfaces from paint splashes
• 3.5ft X 4ft specially treated non-acrylic cotton canvas
• 4 ounce bottle of specially formulated natural, non-toxic paint
• Two pairs of disposable paper slippers to prevent foot prints leading to the shower
• Custom body scrubber & soap

Since its launch in 2011, LOVE IS ART has developed a line of over 25 different editions, allowing couples to pick a variation of canvas and paint colors of their choosing. This Valentine's season Jeremy Brown has offered to donate 20% of all proceeds to the World Food Program, the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. The purchase of just one standard kit can put a meal in the bellies of almost 50 starving children.

The LOVE IS ART kit retails for $60 to $110 and has already been experienced by over 30,000 couples worldwide. Let's make this Valentine's Day one to remember.

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