(Calgary,CA) Alena Pastuch of Idendego advises parents not to trade their children's

Child safety is a number one priority for any parent, especially when there is the threat of the unknown.

Online PR News – 16-April-2010 – – The good news is technology has created advancements that allows parents to purchase mobile tracking software that helps keep better track of their children. Parents worried about where their children are will be able to check up on them using technology that can locate their mobile phones. Parents can take child safety to a new level and keep it affordable.

The software enables parents to check on their child’s whereabouts, without having to rely on their children using or answering the phone. While the phone is switched on, parents can receive up-to-date location information, either on an interactive, content-rich map on their PC or via text message on their mobile phone.

"Parents want a cellphone to be in the child's hands, but they want control. There are times if your child doesn't show up at home when you expect them, and if you can see they are still at school or somewhere you know they are safe, that's useful," said Alena Pastuch CEO of Idendego.

About Idendego Inc.
Idendego Inc. is committed to the development and marketing of state-of-the-art digital ID protection software for personal and business applications, including mobile phone programs designed to keep track of children and business software designed to protect against online ID theft. Headed-up by CEO, Alena Marie Pastuch, Idendego is headquartered in Calgary, Canada.