Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Time & Attendance Systems

Help any businesses manage attendance records more easily! We provide professional time and attendance hardware and software systems.

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – North Arlington, NJ 07031, United States – A wide selection of fingerprint biometric time clock attendance systems and high-tech door locks are available here, including biometric time clock, fingerprint time clock, time and attendance systems, time attendance system, employee time clock, entry access control system, wireless door entry alarm, entry door knob lock, etc. They are easy to set up and operate, and affordable for businesses of any size. Now view our product line and find the one you might need.Fingerprint Time Clock and Recorder to be used as a business clocking in/out system for employees. No more cards, no more paperwork, no more hassle! This digital fingerprint access terminal and data logger registers finger prints for time management and can also work as an authorized personnel access device (door unlocking) when attached to electronic doors.

Fingerprint Time Clock and Recorder to be used as a business clocking in/out system for employees. This digital fingerprint terminal records the attendance data of employees based on registered fingerprints. A biometric time management system to ensure your company gets an accurate record of employee attendance.

The purpose of this device is to help employers and employees more easily record daily time worked. This fingerprint time attendance device helps companies to manage attendance records more easily while allowing for company hourly and contract workers to more quickly Punch IN/Punch OUT while also not having to rely on inconvenient ID card systems (you can forget or lose a card, but you can't forget your finger!).

This fingerprint time attendance device is perfect for company HR Managers of any small or medium sized business. This device will work wonders in making your job easier while also making it possible to more closely monitor employee time, thereby saving your company money and time. It comes with software that lets you view employee attendance records, create different work-time shifts, set holidays, automatically create multiple attendance reports based on your query, set alarms for anomolous data, export the records to excel, and much more.

When its time to retrieve the machine's stored data, simply connect it to a computer with the included USB data cable, and then you (the ADMIN) will have easy access to the machines stored attendance data. View every entry and exit along with individual and/or group attendance details anytime you like - daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. The provided software allows you to view a variety of recorded data such as; Employee History, Attendance Records per Dedicated Time Period, Group Scheduling Reports, Overtime Analysis, Early and Late Reports by Employee or Group, and many more. The included software is in English and can help you analyze the attendance data of 1 to 1500 employees. After spending a few hours getting to know the software, you will soon be able to fully analyze employee attendance data in ways you only dreamed of doing before. Catch that constantly late employee or reward the employee who always stays late to finish his job - the choice is yours, that is when you have the F650 Fingerprint Time Attendance System! more information please viist espow.