Monitor your kids' cell phone to keep them safe!

Protect your children by monitoring their cell phone usage

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas, NV – January 4, 2013 – Rush Software, Inc. announces the immediate availability of KidTrack™ , the
preeminent software on the market today for allowing parents to monitor their children’s cell phone usage. KidTrack
monitors text messages, incoming and outgoing phone log, each web site visited, location and media (pictures, audio
and video). Moreover, KidTrack can be configured to monitor as much or as little of this information as the parent

While there is controversy about such monitoring software, it is undisputed that parents have the legal,
ethical and moral responsibility for the privacy and safety of their children. Rush Software is committed to
providing parents the tools that they need to help keep their children safe from cyber bullying, predators, etc.
“We see this as being no different than a parent examining the contents of a backpack and merely are aiding the
parents in giving them the means to do so,” said Ernie Rush of Rush Software. “People put equipment on their
vehicles to protect the vehicles; surely protection of children is far more important!”

“I was blown away by the information that KidTrack reported to me,” said Rebecca Quesada. “As a mother, I feel
much safer knowing that I have access to every single text message my daughter sends and receives, including
attached pictures. When you add to this that I can know where she is at all times, know who she is calling and who
she is being called by and have access to every picture that she takes, as well as every single web site that she
visits, I feel much safer that I can monitor her in this wired world of ours. Before KidTrack I felt like I was
giving her this incredibly powerful and potentially dangerous tool. As a busy mom, I especially appreciate that the
information comes to me automatically via my email. The convenience of this feature alone is amazing.”

KidTrack silently captures this information and periodically uploads it to the KidTrack servers both encrypted
and via SSL in order to best protect the data. Once on the KidTrack servers the data can be viewed by the parent
via a web browser as well as automatically sent to the parent on a regular basis via email (initially daily). Rush
Software retains the information for 14 days only and then destroys the data.

Effective immediately, KidTrack is available as a free download and it will remain free throughout the beta
testing period. At the end of the beta-testing period it will be available as a subscription for $7.95 a month,
though a free month’s worth of service will be made available to everyone that helps to test the software.

KidTrack is available for Android phones initially, though versions are under development for both IPhone and
Blackberry. For more information and to sign up for service, visit

Rush Software can be reached at

KidTrack is a trademark of Rush Software, Inc.

For more information, press only: Gene Rush, +1 702 690 9004,