Father Hosting Provides Quality Domain Name Services and Web Hosting For Businesses

An overview of the services that are provided by Father Hosting, the premiere domain name registrar and hosting provider.

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – Scottsdale, AZ – Father Hosting is a company that provides high-quality domain name service and web hosting services to businesses. Their wide range of different services, including a number of web hosting packages, some of the cheapest domain name registration currently available on the web, SSL and security packages, as well as a website builder and 24-hour sales and support, have made them a premier hosting company online. If you are looking to change hosts, expand your business by opening up a website, or simply register a new domain, Father Hosting can allow you to do so cheaply, and easily without hassle.

Domain Name Services

Father Hosting Offers domain registration at a price that is greatly reduced when compared to some of the more prominent domain registrars online. Along with this, they also offer a number of free extras, which can make your purchase even more worthwhile. At just $8.99 per year for a.com or other popular extension, you can save several dollars on each domain purchase by going through them. They also offer bulk pricing, and pricing on international domain such as out of country domains, which make them an excellent option for people that are looking to expand their business and reach new markets with the new domain name. For orders of more than one domain, you may qualify for their bulk prices, which can allow you to save hundreds of dollars depending on the number of domains that you are looking to register through the company.

Web Hosting

Along with their excellent domain name registration services, Father Hosting also allows you to gain access to their discount web hosting services as well. With their most basic web hosting service starting at just $2.79 per month, you can save a great deal of money by utilizing their excellent hosting at a discount price. Each purchase of web hosting comes with free advertising credits on being, and Facebook, allowing you to begin advertising your business from the moment that you get your website up.


In addition to Domain Name And Web Hosting services, the company also allows you to utilize the marketing tools that they have made available to customers. This includes the use of e-commerce scripts and shopping carts, the ability to gain traction within the search engines and increase your company's overall visibility, quick and efficient e-mail marketing tools that they make available to clients, as well as other marketing tools that are only available to those that have registered for their services. Father Hosting provides a wide range of marketing tools which will not only allow you to register your domain name, set up your website, but then instantly begin marketing your website to individuals that would be interested in the services that you provide.

If you are looking for high quality web hosting, domain name registration, or marketing services, Father Hosting can provide all of the app were mentioned at a discounted price when compared to the competition. Their easy to use system, an expert staff will provide you with the best services in the industry. For more details please visit www.fatherhosting.com.