Announces Reaffirming Requirements for Collection

Information on what vehicle owners should be looking for when choosing a vehicle removal service, and what documents should be supplied.

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – United Kingdom – As from the 3rd of December 2012 and the introduction of new regulations regarding payments for scrap cars now being illegal in the United Kingdom, in the vehicle recyclers and scrap metal industry. is reaffirming the importance of disposing of a vehicle correctly and staying on the right side of the law.

Vehicle owners should be searching to use fully licensed company, which includes licensing with the council and environment agency, they went to say, "People need to be really careful who they use to scrap their car, there are still illegal dealers within the industry who are not licensed and need to be exposed". They went to state checking the removal companies licensing details is paramount and is quite simple.

To confirm the registration with the council is just a case of telephoning the authority where they are registered, and speaking with the Licensing department, they also said, "the registration will be with the council where they are based, e.g. if their car scrap yard is in Harrow Middlesex, they will have to be registered with Harrow Council." The environment can be slightly easier as it can be confirmed by telephone (03708 506 506) or on-line as well using their home page.

They also indicated when choosing a scrap car collection company to recycle a car, was to have a visual look at their registration details as it is a legal requirement for collectors to be in possession of it when removing vehicles, and if possible make copies and keep them as proof.

Moreover, owners should be supplied with an official removal notice like a waste transfer ticket as they are a comprehensive document that contains the sellers name and address details, the collectors details and details of the vehicle in question. This also is proof of who collected a car and when, and if any issues arise after the removal, which could happen and the DVLA needs to contact the last recorded keeper.

It will be further proof of the disposal company who collected a car and when. Additionally the scrap dealer will require photo ID from the seller of a scrap vehicle, drivers license, passport if these are not available then utility bill will be sufficient.

They further said, "with all the problems the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is encountering with unregistered vehicles in the hands of uninsured drivers the DVLA is getting tough on people who are not disposing of vehicle's correctly and ending up in the hands of illegal scrap dealers".

Their car scrap yard is based in harrow, and are fully licensed disposal service operating in London,Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Scrap cars legally are currently paying a fixed the price of £110 for complete salvage vehicles , and will supply a full receipt and on-line certificate of destruction. For more information on scrapping a vehicle legally just visit their on-line website.

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