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Fommy started its practices on iPhone 5 accessories, where anyone can check the iPhone 5 accessories. And now on words they can decide accessories for their believed one.

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – Sugar Land – Apple is adding another milestone in its success story. They have launched its new iPhone family member iPhone 5. The craze of iPhone makes it alive always. There are number of other high-profile devices that might just make it to popular one. Everyone would have loved to have seen iPhone. Apple has done a big splash with its iPhone 5 model. After a big rumor Apple give the name of iPhone 5 to its new device. This is a big gift for this winter. But the great thing is that many online accessories company have started their work on that. They have done their promotions for iPhone 5 accessories too. That’s a great thing for everyone, who wants to own this device. There is many iPhone 5 accessories have launched and few are going to launch this year. One of them is describe here.

Protect Apple iPhone 5 with a high quality Anti-Glare screen protector. Made of a special micro thin polymer, this screen protector reduces glare and improves clarity. It truly is the ultimate solution in protecting iPhone 5 screens from fingerprints, dirt, scratches, smudges, and grease. A screen protector has to do very little, and this one fills all its roles very well, and the only other possible addition this could have is a privacy filter. In addition it also reduces the reflectiveness of the unprotected screen, making it much easier to view either in the fluorescent lighting of the office or just outside in a bright, sunny day.


• Reduces 90% of UV Rays Caused by Reflected Light, Protecting Eyes.
• Isn’t flimsy, but made from firmer high-grade thermoplastics designed for durability.
• Simply peel it off and replace with a new one when needed.
• Custom made for your iPhone 5.
• Easy to remove without any adhesive or marks.
• Smudge repellant, will not leave oily marks from fingers.


• Bubble-free application.
• Anti-glare.
• Fingerprint free.
• Dust repelling.
• Manufacturer: Amzer.