Buying Houses from A to Z Greets the New Year with a Sale

Cash Flow Depot welcomes the New Year with a book sale. Jack Miller’s book entitled Buying Houses from A to Z is now on marked down price. The book is an excellent read for both beginners and experts in real estate investing.

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – Dallas, Texas – Real estate investor training website Cash Flow Depot welcomes the New Year with a book sale, much to the delight of its followers. Jack Miller’s book entitled, “Buying Houses from A to Z”, is slashed down off the retail price mark. The digital instant access is reduced from $99 to $49 while the paperback version is cut down from $149 to $99. “2013 is going to be a great year”, says Jackie Lange, manager of “The sale is a great opportunity for book enthusiasts and real estate investors to buy a really good book at a low price”, she further adds.

Buying Houses from A to Z is a complete guide for finding, negotiating, financing and buying single family houses. The book tells the story of how Miller got into real estate investing and eventually gained success from it. The book touches on all real estate topics showing tried and tested strategies used by Miller himself. Miller entertains while he teaches in this newest 191 page book that makes the perfect real estate bible for investors around the world.

The book begins with goal setting. Miller prepares his readers to have the will and confidence for success before going into the details of real estate investing. He then touches on the key things to look into before buying a property. From air conditioning inspection to water heaters and soil problems, readers essentially gain a lot of workable techniques from a pro who knows real estate investing by heart.

Another key detail that readers will learn is financing. Readers will be able to learn some creative financing techniques as well as institutional credit and lending approaches. The art of negotiating is also touched upon in this book as well as title law, management, documentation, asset protection, taxes, estate planning and many other topics that are seminars on their own. The book covers everything so to speak which makes its title highly appropriate.

Buying Houses from A to Z is available in digital copy and paperback edition for only $49 and $99 respectively. The book is written by legendary real estate investor and book author Jack Miller who has been a real estate investor for more than 40 years. Miller is an intelligent and well rounded investor who has carved his own success. He used to conduct seminars to sold-out crowds, all of which are now available at Cash Flow Depot via online seminars.

Apart from Buying Houses from A to Z, Miller has also written many other books that talk about various topics in real estate investing. He is a part of the team of coaches of Cash Flow Depot, which is a site dedicated to provide real estate investor training for beginners and experts. Buying Houses from A to Z is Cash Flow Depot’s way of starting the year with a bang. “Use the lessons you will learn in this book as soon as, and as often as you can in order to be able to retain them, and to start making serious money”, says Jackie. Indeed, Cash Flow Depot is off to a good start as it greets the New Year with positivity, enthusiasm and a fantastic sale.

About first came into existence through Jack Miller who wanted to bring his creative real estate training courses online. Jack Miller has been teaching seminars to sold-out crowds since the seventies and his training courses have been responsible for the successes of a great number of individuals. Nowadays, he continues to do this online as well as through the various books, seminars and training materials that he has written. Apart from “Buying Houses from A to Z”, Jack has also written “Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer”, “Fear Factor”, and “Wealth without Risk” among others. Together with other real estate experts like Jackie Lange, Peter Fortunato and David Tilney among others, Jack Miller is instrumental in making Cash Flow Depot as one of the best online training programs in real estate investing.