on quality issues with reputation management
04/15/2010 on quality issues with reputation management, as globalization fuels offshore outsourcing, reacts.

Online PR News – 15-April-2010 – – on quality issues with reputation management, as globalization fuels offshore outsourcing, reacts.

According to, outsourcing is a new trend. Growth has exceeded 50% per year since the mid-1990s, some years around 100%, thanks to increasing globalization and utilization of Internet. points out that as the world's major economies continue to weaken and stumble, driving consumer spending and corporate profits down, the pressure to outsource offshore to reduce costs -- labor and other office overhead -- will only intensify.

According to, offshore outsourcing is already too large of a sector to be growing at rates of 50-100% per year, and growing pains are evident all over, as is evidenced by poor quality results and missed deadlines. Unfortunately, as offshore outsourcing via Internet is seen as "The Next Big Thing", charlatans keep rushing in, trying to make quick and easy money with little real experience in offshore outsourcing for reputation management.

One thing is the same everywhere in the world: quality starts with hiring the right people in the first place, which is reflected in the work product produced by Do not hire people based only on paper credentials. Attitude and taking pride in their work are personality traits that are prerequisites with American based web developers, as is talent. You cannot take mediocre staff from India and Asia and train American quality into them. Personalities don't change, nor does the culture the outsource worker hails from. If you want things done right, then you need American based personnel to execute them. is located in the United States and only employs American workers.

How ridiculous it is to have expats located at the offshore office to recruit local talent, mentor them for Western styles, and direct the office day to day. As if such foreigners can effectively communicate with an American audience. knows your audience, because they are your audience.