Swedish loudspeaker producer NUFEELD® presents COREGO f1™ and s2™ stereo downmix monitor systems.

Swedish loudspeaker manufacturer NUFEELD® turns the next page in professional studio monitoring with the COREGO f1™ and COREGO s2™ - the "first of its kind" stereo downmix controller systems based on the EmbracingSound® Theatre HD™ platform.

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – 2/1 2013 Gavle/Sweden – For professional sound designers, broadcast engineers, music studios and mastering suites the COREGO™ concept finally bridges the gaps between surround sound reproduction, stereo downmix check and mono compatibility - all in one single mix session - from just one single loudspeaker box! Thus potentially saving significant amounts of time in the studio!

The COREGO f1™ and s2™ systems are different in terms of their speaker driver configuration. COREGO f1™ is based around six identical 4” broadband drivers eliminating the need for x-over filters and the COREGO s2™ utilizes a “two way” concept with a dedicated pair of tweeters and four 4” woofers

When working on a surround project in the COREGO™ system you're constantly monitoring the stereo downmix of 5.1 material, while retaining the surround experience. You're not bound to working only with surround mixes though. If you want to make regular stereo mixes only use the FRONT L & R inputs on the COREGO™ rack unit.

All Line I/O's come on balanced +4dB, XLR connectors and when feeding a 5.1 signal into the COREGO™ rack it also works as a stereo downmix algorithm offering the stereo downmix on its stereo outs. The system also features built in bass management and a dedicated sub-woofer output.

Visit http://www.nufeeld.com for more information about the COREGO™ system.
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NUFEELD® is a manufacturer of professional monitoring systems based around the EmbracingSound® technology, founded by Johan Eckerblad and Mikael Gunnerås, both long time fans of the single loudspeaker box invention as well as professional sound engineers, musicians and producers since more than twenty years.