Jersey Artist explores Costa Rican Coast

Jersey artists and their dealers are hard at work as the new year rolls in... installing a new show in Boonton NJ. Hollie Heller explores the natural environment around the coast of Costa Rica.

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – Boonton, NJ Jan 4, 2013 – Jersey artists and their dealers are hard at work as the new year rolls in....... installing a new show in Boonton NJ
Come see this exhibit an exciting new installation featuring art by Bridgewater NJ resident Hollie Heller exploring the natural environment around the coast of Costa Rica....

January 4, 2012 to February 17, 2013
OPENING RECEPTION - Friday, January 4, 6-9 p.m.
Boonton, NJ - Gallery Paquette is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Hollie Heller. Sea Change , the title of the show, derives it's contents from the artist's recent explorations of the natural environment surrounding the coast of Costa Rica. Once again Heller demonstrates an acuity for color and a skillful, surprising handling of materials. The high point of the show is a 30 foot wall and floor installation. As it unravels itself, it reveals a glossary of tactile shapes and organic forms.

Sea change is a poetic term describing a gradual transformation in which the form is retained but the substance is replaced. So Heller begins by gathering and arranging a diverse collection of objects to create a visually engaging grouping raising questions of size, density, and shape. Some of her objects are found and some created; some organic and some man made; some washed ashore or others collected and reinvented over time, amid these - the pieces she creates by hand are undistinguishable. They are molded, painted, and distressed to achieve a precise balance she is looking for. All of the pieces seem to evoke the passage of time and wear, one feels their progression, a sense of history and belonging.

This is not a random collection or cataloging of objects. Heller is redefining drawing. This is her chosen medium. Heller allows the objects be her canvas and her paint travelling up the walls and across the floors to envelope the viewer his her own abstract world, bringing with it her color sense full of delicate gradations. The color and changes of materials is meant to bring the viewer from the natural world to the one she has imagined. The visual relationships that are created by the objects and how they relate create a harmonious visual journey, the concentrated essence of a larger whole. Even her works on paper are constructed. She includes a piece (40" x 144") made up of photography on labels which allow her to build these images as well.

Heller received an M.F.A. from the Rochester Institute of Technology, (Rochester, NY) with a
ajor in Textile Design and a Minor in Painting. Her undergraduate studies were completed at the University of Delaware with a Major in Art Education and a Minor in Textiles. She has been actively showing her work since then, is the recipient of numerous awards including a Fellowship from the New Jersey Council on the Arts. Her works reside in corporate and private collections throughout the US. She has been teaching Textile Design and Collage for 25 years and finds great inspiration in working with students in a studio.

The exhibition opening on Friday, January 4, 6-9 p.m. will coincide with First Friday gallery openings in Boonton. Gallery Paquette has established itself as one of the premier locations in the New York metropolitan area to view exciting and original ideas presented by both emerging and international artists. The focus of the gallery is to represent contemporary artist whose practices include painting, drawing, sculpture as well as video and installation works. Owner Michael Paquette has since 2009 created a space which is welcoming to both art collector or enthusiast. In addition the gallery offers art-related services. These services include fine art custom framing, art consultation and art installation. Located in Boonton, the up -and-coming arts destination for New Jersey, the gallery also functions as a cultural center by hosting educational art seminars and workshops. For more information please call 201.303.9355. HOURS: Thursday - Sunday 11 - 6

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