EMOZE Sets a New Standard for Email ‎Experience on Android

EMOZE Ltd., a leading mobile application developer, today released its latest feature ‎rich ‎version of an advanced Secure Push Mail for Android devices. The new version includes ‎an ‎improved overall application performance and a smoother user-friendly interface.‎

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – israel – The EMOZE Secure Push Mail is designed to turn real-time messaging into a simple, intuitive ‎and ‎productive function. Improved application performance now includes the ability to select ‎multiple ‎folders to be pushed to the mobile device as well as the ability to archive and restore ‎emails locally. The ‎new version features “Out of Office” Automatic Reply as well as Meeting ‎Response support for MS-Exchange and Google accounts. It also helps reduce the cost of data ‎while roaming by controlling the ‎synchronization options

Managing several email accounts has never been easier with EMOZE Secure Push Mail. Emails ‎can be ‎synchronized seamlessly with the EMOZE application, including integration with ‎contacts, calendars ‎and even folder structures. With EMOZE’s Secure Push Mail, users may ‎now enjoy the ability to ‎manage emails, folders and much more “on-the-go” without ‎depending on their computer.‎

EMOZE offers a variety of advanced security options to protect user’s information, privacy ‎and ‎identity, especially in cases where one of the popular cloud-based office services - such as ‎Office365, ‎Outlook.com or Google Apps - is in use. In fact, the EMOZE solution allows users to ‎remotely locate, ‎lock, or even erase ‎the data of a lost or stolen device. It is as simple as ‎sending a text or email message

Main Application Features:‎
‎- ‎Push Mail: Real-time email notification, including POP3 accounts
‎- ‎Supports contact and calendar (PIM) synchronization
‎- ‎Multiple Email accounts: Easy configuration of several email accounts
‎- ‎Robust compression for both text and file attachments
‎- ‎Preview Attachment Function: saving time, data and battery consumption
‎- ‎Forward attachments without having to first download or open the files
‎- ‎Global Address List (GAL) access
‎- ‎Out Of Office assistant support (for MS-Exchange 2007 and higher)‎
‎- Accept, Decline, and Tentative response to Meeting Requests (MS-Exchange and ‎Google ‎accounts)‎
‎- ‎Ability to select multiple Folders to Push: enables selection of one or more folders ‎that will ‎automatically be pushed to the mobile device whenever a new mail is sent to that ‎folder
‎- ‎Archive and restore email right on the mobile device with the new Archive folder
‎- ‎New Traffic Saving Counter: measures the mobile data used by ‎EMOZE in order to help ‎better ‎control data consumption
‎- ‎Remote Wipe by email or SMS: ability to erase all private information on a lost or stolen ‎device, ‎returning the device to its ‎factory settings
‎- ‎Storage card encryption: encrypts the attachments downloaded to the SD card ‎or mobile ‎phone
‎- SIM card replacement alert
‎- ‎Remote Phone lock: ability to remotely lock/wipe the mobile phone; ‎
‎- ‎Find Device Location: allows receipt of an email or SMS with a Google maps link to the device ‎location
‎- ‎Device Alarm triggers high volume beeping alarm on the device

The EMOZE Secure Push Mail application is currently available for download on Google Play in ‎the ‎Communication category