Recently Releases Lost Luggage InfoGraphic

Famous Lost Luggage and what to do if you lost your baggage at the airport.

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – brooklyn, NY – is a company that strives to connect travelers with their lost luggage. Have you ever lost something while on board a plane? Have you were done everything correctly, but arrived at your destination to find that your luggage was not there when you arrive? is a company that works with the Airport Lost And Found offices around the world in order to connect travelers with the luggage, or other property that they may have lost. They will allow you to increase the chance of locating your stolen or lost property, and browse the claims database that they have provided in order to get the best overall idea of where your items might be, and how you can go about retrieving them.

The company also recently released their lost luggage infographics, which helps users to get an idea of how common the issue is, as well is some very interesting statistics on why bags go missing in the first place. The info graphic outlines a total of 25.8 million mishandled bags during 2011. The graphic states that a total of 86% of mishandled bags were lost because the flight was delayed, 11% of bags were damaged or rifled through, and 3% of the bags were lost or stolen during transit.

The info graphic also outlines a number of celebrity mishaps, in which their own luggage was lost. Celebrities that have lost luggage include the Duchess of Argyll, Alice Cooper, Rachel Zoe and even reality star Kim Kardashian. this just goes to show that it is not just ordinary people that have to deal with this problem, but anyone that does a fair amount of traveling. The graphic also outlines a number of amazing things that have been found in abandoned Airport Lost Luggage, that are interesting, including a live rattlesnake, a full suit of armor, and even the shrunken head.

The graphic goes on to outline a number of reasons why bags are commonly lost including mistaken identity, having the tag miss a connecting flight, being late to the check-in and therefore your bag never makes it under the plan, or not having contact information on the bag, so that when it is lost, lost and found Department your local airport has no way to get into contact with you to return it. If you lose your luggage, you need to make sure that you have a plan for getting it back, and also have a good idea of exactly what needs to be done in order to do so. is a company that knows the hardship of losing your luggage while you are traveling, and what a real damper it can put on things. Traveling with value but items that then become lost, can be very difficult to deal with. If you are looking for a great way to connect with luggage that was once lost, but may be sitting in the lost and found department somewhere, can help you to get a hold of your luggage again.

There are millions of people all across the United States that are forced to deal with lost luggage, and as a result are unable to connect with her items once they are gone.