Version 4.5 of Help Desk Premier released

Version 4.5 of Help Desk Premier is released. Help Desk Premier is proud to announced that version 4.5 has been released. This new version is useful for all users and will be able to provide a richer experience for customers and clients alike.

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – GA – Highlights of New Version:

• Enhanced Ticket Escalation: Help Desk Premier now offers some of the most powerful and flexible ticket escalation capabilities on the market. You can notify any stakeholder for a ticket automatically based on a variety of criteria, including any values or combination of values on a ticket such as priority, status, assigned technician, category, etc. Criteria can also include events such as a ticket being created or closed, or a particular field on a ticket being changed.

As the result of an escalation’s criteria being met, the rule can be designated to notify any of the ticket’s stakeholders, or a specific email address. It can also change the value of key fields on the ticket, such as Priority, Status or Technician.
More information on Help Desk Premier’s escalation can be found at:

• ITIL enhancements such as improved Change Management. You can now optionally create various approval levels for a change request. For example, you may require approval for a change from an employee’s immediate manager or supervisor before automatically sending the change request along to the next level of the organization’s approval hierarchy for final approval. Any number of approval levels are possible with Help Desk Premier 4.5.

• Improved Performance: Among various improvements to application performance, Help Desk Premier will start from a server reboot in as fast as ½ second, depending on the server. Other areas of the application have maintained their rich look and feel while being streamlined to allow for faster performance.

Help Desk Premier is a web based application for help desks and service desks that runs on a Windows server under IIS. It can be hosted on an organization’s own network or in the cloud.


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