Hartwell Ventures proclaims their confidence as being the only direct proof of funds provider that can perform with legitimate and legal funds that they agree to paying the fees for clients if legitimate funds are found to be used by their competitors.

Online PR News – 11-July-2009 – – Proof of Funds, Investment Services July 16, 2009------Standing behind their product and services, Hartwell Ventures, nationwide funder has promised to pay for fees associated with satisfying the condition of Proof of Funds for commercial and residential real estate, project funding, leased funding, and transactional funding, for clients if it is found that their competitors are actually using legal and legitimate funds.

David Page, manager of Hartwell Ventures states, “We are more than confident that we are the ONLY company that actually have true liquid assets over $5 million. Other companies may claim to offer the same product/service but we have discovered through our experience in the business that in fact their documents are undeniably fraudulent and have an array of legal ramifications. We take pride in what we do and the services that we provide that we challenge other companies to do the same in conducting business legally.”

Hartwell Ventures is an independently managed investment trust that has been providing transactional funding / proof of funds since 2001 making them the longest standing provider. They have consistently closed over 30 transactions per month since March 2005 making them currently the largest direct proof of funds provider.

Their funds derive from an independently managed investment trust with $110 million under management that is used specifically for transactional funding and proof of funds transactions. As a direct source, they place the funds within 36 hours or less and in most cases within a few hours.

They provide cash on deposit in either an escrow account or directly with the bank depending on the needs of your transaction. Their Trust is fully liquid making them the only proof of funds provider with over $5 million in real liquid funds to invest for your transactions.

They primarily provide and have experience in providing proof of funds for Double Closings, Down Payment Requirements, Earnest Money Deposits, and Verification of Deposits for the following uses:

Commercial and Residential Real Estate
-Bulk REO
-Flipping Foreclosures
-Short Sale Funding for Short Sale Flipping
-Down Payment Funds
-Double Closings
Project Funding
Construction & Development Loans
Film Finance
Warehouse Lines
Lines of Credit
SBA Loans
Private Placement Programs
Precious Metals

Hartwell Ventures Investment Trust focus: Proof of Funds, Proof of Funds Letter, Seasoned Funds, Leased Funds, Leased Assets, Transactional Funding.

Hartwell Ventures, is located at 3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy Suite 500 Las Vegas, NV 89169. Website is http://www.hartwellventures.com, and can be reached at 888-465-2401 or 702-562-4237.