New Solar Panel Centre Opens In Cheshire

The big green company has expanded again with the opening of another solar panel centre in Cheshire. Based in Wilmslow garden centre, the solar panel centre has full working displays of solar hot water panels and solar electricity panels

Online PR News – 15-April-2010 – – The big green company has announced its second branch opening of solar panel centres in Cheshire. based in Wilmslow garden centre, customers can see how solar panels generate free hot water and electricity. This is the only working display of solar panels in Cheshire and will mean customers can see exactly how solar panels generate energy.

Wayne Morris of the big green company says "In response to customers wanting more information on solar energy and seeing how the panels actually work, we have opened another solar panel branch. Cheshire seemed a logical place for the opening of the solar panel centre as residents have good green credentials and want to install solar in their homes."

The opening of the solar panel centre follows the announcement last week of the launch of the new feed in tariff. The feed in tariff will pay customers a tax free income for 25 years. The panels themselves last for 40 years. There is likely to be a 10 fold increase in the number of homes installing solar panels in the next few years. The big green company with its branch network of solar panel centres is ideally placed to inform customers of the type of solar system that is most appropriate for their home. Why not see if your home is suitable for solar by visiting one of its solar panel centres or clicking on the big green comppany website.