EZ Web Business Builder 2, Jim Daniels releases his latest course.

Jim Daniels has been online since 1996. He is the publisher of the BizWeb eGazette and owner of www.bizweb2000.com. He teaches people what needs to be done in order for them to leave their nine to fives and start seeing real results on the internet.

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – January 01, 2013, Tampa Florida – Today Jim Daniels launched his latest study course EZ Web Business Builder 2

Ez Web Business Builder 2 is the successor to Ez Web Business Builder, a program that taught people how to create websites. This sequel takes advantage of the flexibility of the WordPress blogging platform.

This course is aimed towards people that have just started making a living online, and goes through all of the basics such as buying a domain name, setting up hosting, and monetizing a website.

Daniels says that he believes that more and more people will be able to make money on the interent thanks to advances in technology as well as the ability to outsource work for very low prices. in fact Daniels had the folllowing to say about outsourcing in his marketing newslettter BizWeb eGazette

"As I wrote in my last issue, the availability of deep discount experts to take care of all your small business needs is making a significant difference for small and home businesses. In fact, as these answers explain, nearly anything can now be outsourced for a few bucks." - Jim Daniels (www.bizweb2000.com)

Ez Web Buisness Builder 2 itself consists of a 140 page PDF guide, and a wide set of instructional videos that teach the viewer how to create a website and how to monetize that website using WordPress.

Daniels also said that the startup cost for taking the steps in this course would be minimal. with the primary expenses after purchase being the buying of the domain name, hosting, and the hiring of outsource workers which is optional.

The course is delivered electronically and is instantly accessible to customers. Daniels created this program with the beginner in mind as expects that many more people will be able to find financial freedom in the near future.

Because the course is designed for beginners and those who are not familiar with monetizing websites those already proficient in these areas may find some of the training redundant, but with 16 years of making 6 figures from home, Jim Daniels is a certified expert in his field and has the credentials needed to be able to teach on this subject.

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