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It is a site full of information and data about the Indian religion, pilgrimage places in India, Indian rituals, temples in India, tourist destinations in India and much more.

Online PR News – 04-January-2013 – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, – India, 02 January, 2013 – India is a country which is blessed with natural beauty. It is one of the very rare countries which has places that are cold enough to experience snow in the north, dry and hot in the west, rainy in the east and moderate in the south. Factors like varied weather conditions, mountains, valleys, sea, lush green forests make this country a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. Apart from these, the secularism and religions in India are known world over. Indian religions are very popular and so you will find numerous temples in India in any part of the country you go. You have innumerable site seeing places and other tourist destinations in various part of the country. Out of many Indian temples, some of the pilgrimage places in India are worth visiting. However due to so many places, travelling India can be confusing as you will have to decide what places you would like to visit.

Although the growth of Indian tourism is skyrocketing and many visitors want to find information India travel spots, there are hardly any sources that can provide them proper guidance. The visitors from western countries are often excited and curious to visit Indian temples and witness the various Indian rituals followed there. These pilgrimage places in India have their history and their respective significance of existence. Even if a tourist visits it, he / she would want to know more about the significance of the Indian temples he / she visited. There are few sites online which provides information on Indian religion, Indian rituals, Indian tourism but then none of them provides complete information on the same. Moreover, not all sites cater to all these categories related to India. Some would be dedicated to only Indian Temples, some on hill – stations, some on metro cities and hence, there is a need of a source that can provide information on all the facets of this country. is one of the leading sites that provides a true impression of India to its visitors. It is a site full of information and data about the Indian religion, pilgrimage places in India, Indian rituals, temples in India, tourist destinations in India and much more. It caters to the need of people who seek in depth information on any aspect related to India. Right from the Indian history to the modern day advanced industries in India, it gives you information about all. Unlike many other sites, this site is constantly updates and hence you will not be getting outdated information but the latest one. The site is very user – friendly and hence any one can access it and get the desired information he / she is looking for.

The increasing popularity and number of visitors of this site made us curious and we contacted the senior spokesperson to know more about and she elucidated, - “We see a great rise in Indian Tourism. There are people from all over the world visiting our country, but they find it difficult to get appropriate guidance. Our site provides them with all the information that they might need which travelling India.” aims at making India travel a pleasurable experience for the tourists by giving them all the desired information.

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